EPT9 Berlin Day 3: Burst the bubble, then race to the final 50. Sounds like a plan

April 24, 2013

The early stages of day three at EPT Berlin will be dominated by talk about the money. In short, it’s coming.

We had 912 entrants to this tournament over two opening flights and when they reconvened this morning, after an electric day two yesterday, there were 168 players left.

The problem? Only 136 of them will receive any wages for their time in the Spielbank Casino. The bubble bursts when the 137th player is eliminated, meaning 21 players will depart with nothing. It won’t be fun to see them go, even though their misfortune will be cheered inwardly (and maybe outwardly) by everyone else.

Remember, you can watch all this live on EPT Live, where their chosen table features both Liv Boeree and Boris Becker. The full seat draw was published earlier today (click the words “full seat draw“), so you can virtually rail your favourite.

You’ll notice that the home nation is still going very strong here. Fifty four of the surviving players are German, representing 32.14 per cent of the totla. That means that the concentration of German players continues to move upward as we get deeper into the tournament.

On day one, there were 278 Germans, of a 912-player field. That was 30.48 per cent. On day two, there were 149 Germans, of a 478-player field. That was 31.17 per cent. They continue to move in the right direction.

They are not only playing a clinging on game, either, with the average stack of the German players right up there with the average of all in the field. Between them, German players have 8,848,900 chips, which is an average of 163,869 each. The official tournament average at this stage is 162,857, so they are each punching slightly above their weight.


Sandra Naujoks, one of a strong German contingent remaining, and tournament director Thomas Lamatsch

We talked yesterday about how none of the UK, USA or Germany has a champion on the European Poker Tour this season, but Germany is looking good to remedy that on home soil. We will continue to track their progress.

The plan for the day is to play five 90-minute levels, which will likely take us down to about 50-65 players. Then we’re off for a media tournament and some drinks. You will likely hear that from wherever you are; they tend to be rowdy affairs.

Don’t forget the way to follow our main event coverage. There’s hand-by-hand stuff, including chip counts, in the panel at the top of the main EPT Berlin page. There will be feature pieces below that panel, including updates from the side events. EPT Live is now live. And everything to do with the European Poker Tour is on the European Poker Tour site.


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