EPT9 Berlin: Marcel Juneman takes title, Pierre Neuville cashes again

April 24, 2013

Event #22, the €330 turbo, played out a little like the Sunday Million thanks to a five-way chop. Marcel Juneman picked up the largest chunk of the money (€8,035) and the trophy in one of the more ‘fun’ events of the EPT Berlin tournament schedule.

Pierre Neuville picks up another side event cash here in Berlin but a side event trophy still eludes the two-time EPT runner-up. Neuville scored a healthy 3rd place finish for €16,450 behind Rupert Elder and Max Heinzelmann in a €1,100 turbo before the Main Event began.

EPT9 Berlin, event #22
Date: 23 April 2013
Buy-in: €330
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 175
Prize pool: €50,925


Marcel Juneman

1. Marcel Juneman, Germany, €8,035*
2. Konstantinos Zogas, Greece, €7,475*
3. Nicholas Verkaik, Canada, €6,935*
4. Mohamad Ibrahim Habhab, Germany, €6,805*
5. Grzegorz Gosk, Poland, €5,995*
6. Christian Hommel, Germany, €2,430
7. Niclas Adolfsson, Sweden, €1,880
8. Izak Muday, Turkey, €1,370
9. Kevin Bismuth, France, €1,070
10. Konstantin Russkikh, Russia, €1,070
11. Glenn Teeuw, Netherlands, €970
12. Jan Halfmann, Germany, €970
13. Pierre Neuville, Belgium, Friend, €860
14. Nakwach Zakaria ahmad, Germany, €860
15. Andreas Kohler, Germany, €760
16. Alexander Patrick Jasmin, Denmark, €760
17. Georgi Klinkov, Bulgaria, €670
18. Siarhei Sharkota, Belarus, €670
19. Maciej Lukasz Kotula, Poland, €670
20. Armen Khachatryan, Russia, €335*
21. Daniel Marguis, Switzerland, €335*

*relates to deals made.

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