EPT9 Berlin: The science of choosing the TV table

April 23, 2013

There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of the webcast and the blog, more than most appreciate. Just one thing is working out which table should be brought into the spotlight for the webcast. It really isn’t just a matter of looking down the list and saying, ‘Oooo, there’s a Team Pro. Let’s put that one on.’ It might look that way sometimes but it really isn’t.

We on the blog play our part, which we’ll come to later, but first let’s hear from TV Production Manager Justyna Baran who does much of the scurrying, hurrying and harrying on behalf of the webcast, all of which is delivered with a wide smile. Despite the friendliness you somehow think that ‘No’ would simply not be accepted as an answer.

“A few markets are localising with us so we have to make sure that the table we are choosing is interesting for all of them; Russia, Germany, UK etc. We then check with the blog team to see what their opinion is of what the most interesting table. We also check with the tournament director the breaking order so that it doesn’t break soon as that would give us a large gap in our broadcast editorial,” said Baran.

Our opinion won through – on balance – for the start of the day. We suggested table 23.


Sam Grafton

1. Philippe Boucher, Canada, 92,400
2. Henri Kettunen, Finland, 42,000
3. Philipp Hochhuth, Germany, 76,000
4. Matthias De Meulder, Belgium, 58,200
5. Kaspars Kazaks, Latvia, 13,500
6. Calvin Anderson, USA, 130,000
7. Myro Garcia, Brazil, 57,500
8. Michel Abecassis, France, 45,400
9. Sam Grafton, UK, 135,900

There’s a good spread of nationalities and healthy stacks, one Team Pro (De Meulder), a mouthy guy (Grafton), an online crusher (Anderson, who is currently ranked 3rd in the world online) and a few guys who could 3,4,5,6,7-bet into an entertaining levelling war (Boucher, De Meulder, Anderson and Grafton in particular). You may not have heard of Boucher but he’s had some success on the tour this season.

The EPTLive webcast starts shortly. Get yourself ready for the fun and frolics.

is staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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