EPT9 Deauville: Introducing The EPT Quote Board

February 09, 2013

Over breakfast this morning (two boiled eggs, large coffee, several French pastries) the PokerStars Blog team discussed how much flavour of an event is lost due to great quotes having no home in an immediate post. We are not shy of shoehorning facts, figures and oblique references into the blog but we can’t do it all the time, so we’ve decided to give these bits and pieces their own home, The EPT Quote Board.

“I just cold four-bet with the kitchens!”
– Tim Reilly after cold four-betting ten-three offsuit three-handed in the High Roller

“I was going so fast I skied off the side of the mountain.”
– James Mitchell to Kevin MacPhee and Jason Koon, all railing the High Roller

“I don’t necessarily play completely standard and I guess my fashion matches that.”
Sam Grafton talking about his East London styling

“I played with him all day and he’s solid. He really should win that final table.”

– Timothy Reilly (who is in the last six of the High Roller) on Main Event chip leader Enrico Rudelitz

“This is going to be a big problem.”
– Walid Bou Habib, last night, upon finding out that there wouldn’t be redraw and he would be conceding position to former big stack

“What?!? What?!?”
– EPTLive presenter Joe Stapleton as Roberto Romeo open folds pocket tens to a three-bet from Walid Bou Habib out of a 25 big blind stack

“He’ll be transported to Marseilles by helicopter to bust those drug barons.”
– EPTLive presenter James Hartigan upon the knock out of sixth-place finisher ‘Special agent’ Franck Kalfon who collects €165,000

“52 cards and a loaded gun,
(Kalfon, Kalfon)
Slow-rolling crooks got nowhere to run,
(Kalfon, Kalfon)
Taking all the perps to value town,
(Kalfon, Kalfon)
He’s the grizzled cop with a Triple Crown,
(Kalfon, Kalfon)
Running down villains straight to the river,
(Kalfon, Kalfon)
When he shows you the nuts it’ll make you shiver,
(Kalfon, Kalfon)
He knows when to shove, and he knows….when to looooooove.

© 2013 Hartigan/Stapleton

“I hate this guy.”
– Hugo Pingray during the Main Event, shortly after Lucien Cohen had doubled up, screaming something about his mother while waving his toy rat about


EPT champ and plastic rat fan Lucien Cohen

“It sounds like patriotism, but it’s really greed. About half of Ireland have a small piece of me.”
David Lappin, on the real reason all of his Irish countrymen are following his progress closely in Deauville

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