EPT9 Prague: Jason Mercier chasing fifth $1m year

December 11, 2012

Jason Mercier is on the verge of completing his fifth million-plus year in live tournaments. All he needs to do is make it to the heads-up part of this tournament. Only 340 players are left so Mercier must be a, hmmmm, errr, three-to-one dog to make it heads-up? Maybe four-to-one as he’s a bit short-stacked.

It’s an impressive record, albeit if it’s likely to come to an end soon (sorry, Jason).

Mercier’s five-year run
2012: $435,393
2011: $2,416,013
2010: $1,064,908
2009: $1,354,026
2008: $2,752,423
Total: $8,022,764

Mercier needs to score $564,607 before the end of the year, i.e. to win big in the Main Event or the High Roller. The optimistic Team PokerStars Pro needs notch up €434,712 in cashes which first or second will do; 1st pays €835,000 and 2nd €510,000.

Third place will grant a €310,000 pay day leaving a late run in the High Roller and the €2,100 turbo at the end fora good sweat. Mercier is currently nursing a 27,000 stack, just a little less than his starting 30,000. The million-dollar dream is still alive after almost five years…


Jason Mercier

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