EPT9 Prague: Keven Stammen starts long climb back into contention

December 11, 2012

Day two of EPT9 Prague is under way – and Keven Stammen has already been all in and doubled up. It happened on the very first hand, although it was hardly a surprise that the chips went in.

Returning with 4,400 overnight (about five big blinds), Stammen chucked them in with A♥6♣. He got a call from Tayfun Rodoplu’s Q♠K♣ and saw a dry board to put him up to ten big blinds.

Even if Stammen had suffered the ignominy of the earliest day two departure, he couldn’t have really complained thanks to the way he spent the end of Day 1A. That was Sunday in real-life terms, the only day of the week that means very much to most high-stakes online players.


Keven Stammen, pictured while heads up for High Roller in Sanremo

It is the day of all the major tournaments on PokerStars and elsewhere, and despite playing in EPT Prague, Stammen was also not going to miss out on the online grind. He brought his laptop along to the tournament room, played all those major events, and ended up finishing second in FTOPS #17, a $109 buy-in no limit hold ’em affair that attracted 6,106 players. His second place was good for $72,661.

Laptops have now been outlawed in the tournament room – not Stammen’s fault, more just a general ruling – which means he can’t join the online grind again unless he finds himself an iPad.

Seems like he’ll just have to spin up the micro-stack instead and attempt to continue a fine rein of form in the live environment. In Sanremo a few weeks ago, Stammen won one side event and finished second to Benny Spindler in the High Roller.


So off we go on day two, the first time this week that the entire field is consolidated under one roof. There were 459 returning from the starting field of 864 and the plan today is to play six 75-minute levels.

That will take us to about 9pm and likely halve the field, approximately. By the end of day four we will need to have 24 left; by the end of day five, we need eight players. Then we’ll find a winner.

You can follow all the action on PokerStars Blog, with hand-for-hand action (as well as chip counts) in the panel at the top of the main EPT Prague page, and more colourful stuff below the line. Click through for the starting day two seat draw, and follow the latest from the side events on the side events page.


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