EPT9 Prague: Kirill Telezhkin returns to winning ways in Event #1

December 10, 2012

It’s been a good two years since Kirill Telezhkin won the PokerStars Russian Poker Series Main Event in Kiev for $171,350. He’s scored several deep runs since; 65th here at Prague in Season 7 and a final table in a €2,000 side event at EPT Sanremo last year, but no major wins. Until Event #1 of EPT Prague here.

Telezhkin beat a tough side event crew to ghost past the likes of Roberto Romanello (9th, €2,830), Martin Staszko (10th, €2,800), and Ben Martin (5th, €8,250) and Robert Haigh, both of whom have since finished runner-up in other side events. Martin took second in the PLO and Haigh binked second place in the Eureka High Roller.


Kirill Telezhkin

Event #1, 5-11 December
Buy-in: €1,100
Game: NLHE
Players: 131
Prize pool: €127,700

1. Kirill Telezhkin, Russia, €35,300*
2. Kyle Frey, USA, €28,900*
3. Rocco Palumbo, Italy, €14,000
4. Zoltan Toth, Hungary, €10,200
5. Ben Martin, UK, €8,250
6. Jaroslaw Lipien, Poland, €6,250
7. Philip Junghuber, Austria, €5,100
8. Viktor Lavi, Israel, €3,800
9. Roberto Romanello, UK, €2,830
10. Martin Staszko, Czech Republic, €2,800
11. Mikhail Surin, Russia, €2,540
12. Jakutis Povilas, Lithuania, €2,540
13. Denis Pisare, Russia, €2,280
14. Robert Haigh, Germany, €1,140 (chopped 14th)
15. Stelian-Alexandru Bot, Romania, €1,140 (chopped 14th)

*Denotes a deal was made.


Telezhin wins (massage girls not included)

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