EPT9 Prague: Table for three for late arrivals

December 10, 2012

The number for today is already at 440 players, which combined with the 336 of yesterday, makes this one the biggest EPT Prague fields ever. The playing area is visibly larger than yesterday with some players still arriving as we move into the second level of the day.

Martin Jacobson is one of them, seated on the nearest table to the door, with just two other players for company, one of whom stares intently at an iPad on his lap. It looks odd in a room packed with poker players than three of them should be ostracized like this, something Jacobson brought up with one of the floor staff, before returning to his seat.

It’s actually not that uncommon and the reasoning behind it is pretty sound.


Tables for three?

Essentially it’s about that age of old habit of arriving on time. Given that everyone else was in position for the start, why should seven players be forced to relocate so early to fill a new table?

Late arrivals are of course always welcome, but floor staff follow strict procedures when it comes to seating them. For instance, two tables, sometimes three, are opened each time. This means that if you’re standing around waiting with nine other people, perhaps your friends, you’re less likely to all be seated at the same table. So instead of big blinds from around the room being sought to plug the gaps, this trio must simply wait.

In the time it’s taken to explain all that another player has arrived at Jacobson’s table, while two tables along a player sits alone waiting for company. Such are the perils of arriving late.


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