EPT9 Prague: The final table fashion update

December 15, 2012

As we said earlier this week, players have a tendency to smarten up as they go deep in an event, particularly when there are television cameras on hand to record their every move. Today is no different and presumably the switchboard at the Prague Hilton came alive this morning with requests for irons and ironing boards. Here’s how it looks from the rail:

Seat 1 – David Boyaciyan
Boyaciyan is smartest, wearing a pressed pinstripe shirt with an elegant polka dot silk scarf around his neck. The Dutchman shaved this morning, and his hair is slicked back. His only bling is a wedding ring.

Seat 2 – Sergey Kuzminskiyy
Kuzminskiyy is the only player to forgo a collar, opting instead for the classic look of every poker player under the age of 25, a hooded top (hood up) with a t-shirt underneath. He has one of those neatly cropped chin beards.


The final eight

Seat 3 – Ramzi Jelassi
Jelassi knows what it means to reach a final table and has gone for a check blue shirt with tan trousers. It’s a good combination, finished off with a pair of chukka boots.

Seat 4 – Ben Warrington
The Londoner has also gone for a red, white and blue check shirt. His pressed trousers are white and he wears lacrosse pumps. He also looked in the mirror this morning and has gel in his hair.

Seat 5 – Sotirios Koutoupas
Koutoupas is in a red plaid shirt with battered pale blue jeans that expose his underpants at the back. He wears running shoes, which may or may not have worked well on the ice that covers the roads and pavements of Prague this morning.

Seat 6 – Mark Herm
Like Koutoupas, the American Herm opts for a red plaid shirt, topped with a lilac sweater. Being from Philadeplia he knows how to dress for cold weather and wears a blue check woollen scarf which he holds across his face. His hair is spiked. He also wears pumps.

Seat 7 – Aleh Plauski
I don’t know if the Boden catalogue reaches as far as Belarus, but Plauski has plucked from it a gem of a shirt. It’s of tailored fit, white, with a pale blue floral pattern. It goes well with his complexion, which is pale and intense. His shoes look new.

Seat 8 – Diego Gomez

That’s everyone. Let play continue.


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