Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza: Let’s get started!

May 17, 2012


The Estrellas Poker Tour is once again underway, this time on the party island, where Casino Ibiza plays host to the third event of the season. The €1,000 + €100 main event takes place from now until May 20th.

On Wednesday’s day 1a, 115 players began their tournament, including 27 who qualified online on PokerStars. Amongst them, a majority of foreign players and at least 20 Swedish players!When play concluded for the day, after eight levels of play, there were 49 players remaining.

It was a fierce battle today in Ibiza and many players were eliminated, including Friend of PokerStars Poli Rincón and Dutch player Joeri Zandvliet, winner of 2 UKIPTs.

Last year’s winner here in Ibiza, Grzezgor Gosk and finalist, Javier Tazón alias “MuckedBoy”, both played today and made it through the day. They will be back on Friday for Day 2 of the Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza.

Our current chip leader is French player Amaury Legait with 109,000 chips, followed by Belgium player Kevin Michel Decwael with 98,500 and Javier Tazon with 80,900.


Amaury Legait

Thursday’s Day 1B will see Team PokerStars Pros Ana Marquez and Juan Manuel Pastor begin their tournaments. Estrellas poker Tour 2011 Tournament Leaderboard winner Álvaro Santamaría Velasco and his follower on the board German player Fabian Deimann will also be in attendance.


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