Eureka Croatia 2: Day 1a, Level 9 updates(400,800,100)

April 11, 2012



So that’s it for today, it’s been a hard fought game of poker here in Croatia. We’ve seen some incredible tussles, set over set action, the girls schooling many of the boys and 59 eliminations in total, almost 2/3 of the field whittled away in nine firestorm levels.

The final headcount stands at 35, with Martin Scannell leading the pack with 115k, his closest competitor Yavor Tutev on 91,750 with the rest of the battered combatants way behind mostly with less than half those chips.

Tutev Yarov  - Ivan Dabac-8790.jpg

Yavor Tutev putting in a strong showing

The full chip counts will be up shortly and can be accessed just to the right of this post (head that way>>>>>.)

Tomorrow promises more of the same, with the added ingredient of Barry Greenstein, a likely fuller field, but equally compelling poker in prospect. Drag yourself away from those duelling animals on youtube and click through to the updates where we aim to bring all the major twists and turns to your doorstep.

We’ll see you there sharp at 2.00pm local time for Day 1b. Don’t miss it!

12.51am Karman’s six sense

Mario Karman just made an impressive play that left him on around 50k. Raising it up to 1,600 from the cut-off, he saw Zeljka Peric re-pop him to 3.1k from the cut-off.

Strangely the big blind now cold-called this three-bet, sending Karman into the tank.

When he emerged from his submerged position, he now put in a four-bet to 8.8k that left Peric grimacing but laying down her hand and the big blind did likewise.

Karman flashed the 6♥, drawing an appreciate, “well played” from one of his fellow players. Peric looked significantly less impressed however!


Did you have to show?

12.36am: It’s a kind of Bagic

Bagic Dubravko found himself short of chips in the final stages but wasn’t going down without a fight. In the big blind and seeing the button raise to 2.5k, he moved allin for his 17.1k stack, only for his opponent to lay the hand down.

A small victory but one that padded his stack back to over the 20k mark…

12.25am: More chops than Bruce Lee sitting down at Mr McChops Pork Chop Shop

Well the chips are certainly flying into the middle but at the moment, everyone seems to be chopping those pots. Indicative of this split pot carnage was Vedran Premuzic raising preflop to 1,800 and picking up a call from the big blind for the additional 1k.

Come the A♣ 8♦ 2♥ flop, Premuzic led for 2k when it was checked to him, only to watch his opponent check-raise to 5k. He made the call, and the pair saw a 6♥ peel on the turn.

The big blind checked and Premuzic now put his 18.5k stack over the line which his opponent somewhat reluctantly called.

The two players showed down their hands – A♠7♠ and [A]7♥ and divvied up the spoils between themselves.

12:15am: LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400/800/100

This is it, the final run in to see who can make it through to day 2. Typically players take a “chip up or go home” approach to this level, so we could see multiple bustouts. Keep ’em peeled.

We’re heading out to guage the carnage so hold those presses. (You know the ones where you click on that youtube link and watch a gorilla fight a tiger.)

Nikolai Tsanev - Ivan Dabac-8850.jpg

Nikolai Tsanev in touch with the leaders

Click here for updates from levels 5-8.


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