Eureka Croatia 2: Day 1b, Levels 1-4 (100,200)

April 12, 2012



6.18pm Dmitry Russian to get his chips in

Dmitry Vornovitskiy, a Russian player, just raised it up to 525, only to see Andrija Vujic re-pop him to 2.1k with around 5k back.

Vornovitskiy got a count, then pushed the rest of his stack into the middle with A♦K♠ only for Vujic to snap call with aces. Vornovitskiy made the kind of gutteral grunt that can only be spelt with a series of consonants and by the time the river had arrived, he had already counted out the relevant chunk from his stack and handed it over to Vujic.

Vujic up to 15,750, Vornovitskiy down to 16,750…

Dmitry Vornovitskiy - Ivan Dabac-0164.jpg


6.00pm: My Yvo Twin

Perhaps we were a tad hasty in painting Yvo Molin as a Bond-esque figure, his angry, unsettled demeanour moments ago contrasting with his earlier smooth chip accumulation.

He was engaged in a fierce debate with the dealer, who was explaining the requirements of a minimum raise, much to Molin’s chagrin.

“A minimum raise must be double the last raise! Call yourself a dealer! Don’t tell me the rules!” he bellowed.

The dealer looked shell-shocked. Just to confirm the rule. Let’s say it’s 100/200 and it’s raised to 500. The minimum raise is now to 800 – or a re-raise by the same amount the previous raiser raised i.e. not double, the dealer being correct here.

In certain countries and casinos around the world, the raise must be double the previous bet but here in the Eureka PokerStars and at most casinosand tournaments, the previous rule applies.

Molin’s temper may have been further inflamed by the fact that his early progress had been halted and he was now down to a solitary 5k chip.

Yvo Molin - Ivan Dabac-0119.jpg

Sorry Yvo, the dealer’s right on this one.

5.39pm: Greenstein takes a dive

We didn’t see how this happened but Barry Greenstein stack has taken a nosedive to 17,750. How he lost almost half his stack we can only speculate at this stage, although we did notice that Bogdan Nenadic was proudly sporting a newly-augmented stack of 36k, suggesting it may well be him who did the damage.

Earlier in the day, Greenstein explained he considers that he still plays well, even when lady luck deserts him and he’s stuck. His philosophy might well find itself tested over the coming levels.

5.22pm: Ovcina shakes off Tic

Damir Ovcina limped for 200 and saw Robert Tic bump the price to pay up to 550. He made the call and watched the board come K♠10♦6♣.

He checked to the raiser and called Tic when he led for 800.

The turn was the 4♥ and when Ovcina checked, Tic did likewise after the briefest consideration for some alternative strategy.

River: Q♦

Ovcina led for 2k and Tic didn’t take long to throw his hand away, leaving him with aroun18,500 whilst Ovcina gets a leg-up to 16,500.

Damir Ovcina - Ivan Dabac-0115.jpg

Tic, Tic, Boom! – Damir Ovcina

5.30pm LEVEL UP, BLINDS 100/200

5.05pm: Leaders of the gang

These guys are bopping away to the Gary Glitter glam-rock anthem right now – our chip leaders as we move through level 3.

Boris Scepanovic 33750
Barry Greenstein United States of America 31750
Daniel Williams 29750
Tomas Bachman Czech Republic 27600
Droyd Ondrej Czech Republic 26450
Nagy Barnabus Hungary 23075
Smorkovic Vinko Croatia 23000


Doing it old school, yo!

4.50pm Ivan the disbeleiver

Ivan Krivokapic raised it up from the cut-off, only to find an extremely shortstacked player wth just 2.6k moving in behind him.

“Fold your hand, I have aces,” revealed the shortstack but Krivokapic made the call with pocket nines, only to be shown a veraciously played pair of aces!

No outdraw and his opponent muttered, “Finally some run-good as he swept up his newly-bolstered but still well-below par 6k chip stack.

Krivokapic down to 13.5k.

4.30pm LEVEL UP, BLINDS 75,150

4.35pm Greenstein on Larry Flint

A quick story from Barry Greenstein’s Q&A earlier while we wait for the tournament to restart.

“I remember playing with this guy once and I beat him out of his money. He turned round to me and said, “I was going to take my wife out, but now I can’t afford to.” I felt bad about this and actually took some time out of poker as I didn’t enjoy that feeling.

I always liked playing with Larry Flint though. The guy made all his money from porno so I never felt bad about taking his money. He got pretty good playing with all the good players though.”.


That’s it for level 2 guys, there’s now a 20 minute break before we return for level 3.

See you there.

3.52pm: The name’s Molin, Yvo Molin.

Yvo Molin is a hero. I don’t say this lightly.

The Thai player was sitting in Thailand playing a qualifier on Sunday evening, went on to pwn the tournament, grab his seat, and promptly jump in a plane to Croatia.

That’s basically James Bond right there.

He then parachuted out of the plane in a dinner jacket, landing perfectly in his starting seat before ordering brandy and cigars. *

With the tournament replete with Europeans mainly extracted from the Eastern side, it’s frankly incredible to find a Thai player here.

He can’t win it can he? That’s just too good a story surely?

Well he’s chipping up fast already with over 20k here. Whilst we like to maintain a steadfast neutrality when it comes to the players, we might just have to start rooting for Molin.

*Ok, maybe we made the italicized bit up. I said maybe.

3.28pm: Poles’ a part

Never heard of Peter Poles? Shame on you. The bubbly Slovenian heartthrob TV presenter is a celebrity in his native country, perhaps best know for presenting “Slovenia’s Got Talent.”

The Slovenian version of Simon Cowell has livened the show up with such japes as “disappearing from camera”, wearing t-shirts proposing marriage to fellow hosts and shining a flashlight in his face to imitate Alenka Gotar(a talented Slovenian soprano who represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2007) – (thanks Wikipedia, you got my back.)

He’s also a sponsored Pokerstars pro, and is proving his chops here in the tournament where he’s already increased his stack to 16k.

Good luck Peter!

3.15pm: LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50/100

3.06pm: Erlei exit for Udo

We’ve had our first exit of the day at this early stage and it was the aptly named Erlei Udo succumbing. The Dutchman told us he lost most of his stack with aces versus jacks on a J-J-baby flop. Tough to get out of that one.

The last of his chips were hoovered up on a seven-high flop with A-7, only for his opponent to showdown pocket kings and leave Udo shell-shocked on the rail.

2.54pm: Sizing up the field

At the moment we have 84 confirmed participants with 45 minutes of reigstration left so get your skates on if you are thinking of joining.

Time is ticking on…

2.35pm: Early Greenstein straight into the fray

This blog may appear to be all about the BG right now, but he has already played out a decent hand that has pushed him into an early lead in the tournament.

The hand saw a raise to 150 and a call before Greenstein pumped the button up to 500. The small blind made the call, but both the initial raiser and caller elected to pass.

The flop fell 7♣4♠3♥ and the sb check-called a bet of 600 from Barry.

The turn fell the 6♥ and Greenstein now bet out 1k, which again was check-called.

Finally the 4♥ fell on the river and a 2k bet was check-called, leacing Greenstein to showdown a cheeky Q♣5♦ for a straight whilst his opponent quickly mucked his hand.

That hand left Greenstein up to around 19k…


Pwning souls and hitting straights

2.16pm: Barry Greenstein on Tom Dwan

The tournament should be beginning shortly whilst they tie up a few loose ends so in the meanwhile, we’ll give you a few words from Barry Greenstein.

Greenstein spoke several times about Tom “durrrr” Dwan, clearly a player he has some respect for. He told us the first time they played together, Dwan said to him, “I didn’t even know you played Hold’em,” to which Greenstein chuckled, as this had been one of the many games that he had been making a living from for over 20 years.

“Tom’s a great player at his speciality which is multi-tabling short-handed games. In those games against Tom I’m pretty much drawing dead.”

He also explained that many supposed recent stylistic innovations in poker came about long before recent advances in poker strategy.

“Younger players these days talk about floating, three-betting, all these things as if they invented them. I was doing these things twenty years ago, it’s just that I didn’t have names for them.”

2pm: Welcome back to Zagreb for Day 1b

A warm welcome back to Croatia for the second day of the first leg of the second season of the Eureka Poker Tour here at the Golden Sun Casino at the Hotel Antunovic. That was a mouthful…

Those watching last night will have seen Martin Scannell muscle his way to the chip lead by the close of play with an impressive 115k, leading the chasing pack by some distance.

He’s the man to catch, the trend-setter, the head honcho, although with a larger turnout expected to day, that could all be different come the end of the day.

Martin Scannell - Ivan Dabac-8773.jpg

Martin Scannell turned in a peerless display on Day 1a

A new batch of potential champions are champing at the bit here today, including Team Pokerstars Pro Barry Greenstein, who has just finished off a Q&A session with the press.

We’ll have some interesting revelations from that conference peppering today’s updates so stay tuned as we reveal Barry’s thoughts on players such as Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, Stu Ungar and lots more.

As well as that, we’ll detail all the developments in the tournament as we chart the rise and fall of its various participants, including Greenstein of course.

Keep them locked here. The starting gun’s about to fire…


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