Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Day 1B Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 updates (blinds 100-200)

June 24, 2011


6.25pm: End of level
That’s the end of level four, you’ll find level five updates in a new post. — NW

6.20pm: Exits
Iosif Eva and Boris Kotleba are the latest exits, in total 26 players have been knocked out during the opening four levels. — NW

6.15pm: Papazian put to the test
I joined the action to see a board of 9♠9♣6♠2♣3♣ there was roughly 15,000 in the pot and Milen Bakardjiev through out two blue and yellow chips for a bet of 10,000. This effectively set his lone opponent Alexandry Papazian all-in.

The former sat there stoically hands covering mouth as Papazian considered his options. He was much more animated, hand on head, grimacing as he considered the fate of his tournament life which was, at this moment, in the balance. Eventually he pitched his cards into the muck with a flourish of frustration. — NW

6pm: Franco Recchia were art thou?
I just spotted Viliyan Petleshkov who has 6,500 sitting to the left of Damian Porebski, that means that eight of the nine final tablists from Eureka Slovenia have made the trip to this event. The only one missing is Franco Recchia from Italy. — NW

5.45pm: Chip counts
I just did a sweep of the card room jotting down the chip counts of some of the notables I’m tracking and here’s what I found: Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez (17,500), Plamen Todorov (17.500), Bogdan Nicolae (28,600), Dorde Jovanovic (12,400), Michal Kadziela (30,000), Tadeas Kozdon (14,925), Petr Kralicek (19,450 – on same table as Todorov and Rodriguez), Senadin Cosic (27,500) and Starvos Kalfas (20,950). — NW

5.30pm: 300?
Late registration closed at the end of level two and tournament staff are just verifying total number of entries I’ve been told it’s between 168 and 177 so with 131 having played yesterday the total number of entries will be very close to 300. — NW


5.22pm: No three-peat for Berka
Pavel Berka will be not be making it three Eureka Poker tour cashes from three events as he is out. In total 12 players have exited in the opening three levels. — NW

5.12pm: Kadziela picks off river bluff
With the board reading Q♠3♠10♣Q♦6♦ Gerhard Reimholz fired out a bet of 1,750 into a pot of around 2,300 and Michal Kadziela made a quick call and showed J♥10♥, Reimholz flashed the 8♠7♠ as he mucked, Kadziela is up to 30,000. — NW

4.55pm: Chip leaders
The current chip leaders are: Nikolai Dotzev (34,900), Dalibor Korodi (34,200), Andrei Taranu (34,000) and Ioannis Gemidopoulos (34,000). — NW

4.45pm: Greek challenge
Three of Greece’s top up and coming players are currently taking part in a challenge to determine which one of them is the best all around player, see here for more details. Currently leading the race is Stavros Kalfos and he’s playing here today. — NW

4.30pm: Back from the break
From the hustle and bustle of the beach outside to the calm air-conditioned oasis of the card room, players are back in their seats, cards are in the air. — NW


4.15pm: Break time
Player’s are now on a 15 minute break. — NW

4.10pm: Chip counts
Keep an eye on the chip counts page as I’ll be updating it throughout the nine levels of play. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 1B_chip shot.jpg

More chips than Harry Ramsden

3.55pm: The have-not’s
So far seven players have exited the tournament the latest casualties include: Leonard Georgescu and Mario Krastev. — NW

3.45pm: The haves…
A few more players notable for past Eureka Poker Tour peformances are playing today: Dorde Jovanovic (4th, Eureka Slovenia), Petr Kralicek (4th, Eureka Prague), Senadin Cosic (8th, Eureka Slovenia), Tadeas Kozdon (9th, Eureka Slovenia) and Pavel Berka (20th Eureka Prague and 21st Eureka Slovenia). — NW

3.35pm: Ciobotoru puts it in Cornea’s eye
The Romanian capital Bucharest is 270km from Varna, whilst the Bulgarian capital Sofia is 442km. So it’s no surprise that there are many Romanian’s in the field and two of them just clashed in a pot.

I joined the action to see a board of A♠10♥9♣Q♠ and there was 1,250 in the pot. From the hi-jack Sergiu Cornea bet 700 and then Florian Ciobotoru raised to 2,000 from the button, tank call from Cornea. The river was the 8♦, Cornea checked and Ciobotoru very deliberately placed a bet of 7,100 in the pot. This time Cornea tanked for longer before folding 10♦9♠ face up. — NW

3.15pm: Porebski gets paid with quads
It’s been a good start for Damian Porebski who is up to 20,000 after flopping quads and getting paid. He had pocket fives and his hand connected nicely with the [5][5][Q] flop. His opponent took the lead throughout firing on the flop the [6] turn and [K] river with [K][J].His opponent bet 1,000 on the river and Porebski raised to 3,800 and got a call. — NW


2.55pm: And another
And like Bulgarian London buses another one bites the dust, Florian Dimitrae Duta is also out. — NW

2.50pm: Man down
First player out is Mihail Stoykov from Bulgaria. — NW

2.40pm: Spotters badge
With players still registering and it being pretty early doors today I’m having to rely on my eyes (I wear glasses!) in regards to spotting the notables. So far I’ve spotted Damian Porebski who won the £100 side event here yesterday and went deep in the UKIPT event last weekend.

His compatriot Michal Kadziela is also in the field, he finished 21st at Eureka Prague and went deep in Eureka Slovenia before busting just short of the money.

The brother of Plamen Todorov is also in the field, Daniel just missed out on the final table at Eureka Slovenia, finishing 11th.

And Romanian Bogdan Nicolae is going to hope for a repeat of Eureka Slovenia as he led the field after Day 1B, only to blow up on Day 2. — NW

2.30pm: Technical issues
Someone must have fed the gremlins after midnight as I’ve been experiencing technical issues over the past half hour, fingers crossed everything is good to go now though. — NW

2.20pm: You might remember me from such final tables as…
Ok so I joked about it in the intro but Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez and Plamen Todorov have been drawn at the same table! The Spaniard is in the nine seat and the Bulgarian is in the three seat. The latter just took down a nice pot with a set of aces to give his stack an early boost. — NW

2.10pm: Day 1B has started
As is tradition at poker tournaments play has started a little late, but cards are in the air and the board is saying 161 players at the moment. — NW

1.35pm: Welcome to Day 1B of Eureka Bulgaria
They say in life that there are only two certainties, death and taxes. Well let’s add to that list: the sun will shine in Varna in June and they’ll be more players on Day 1B than Day 1A in a poker tournament.

Amongst the players who’ll take to the felt today are the winner and runner-up from Eureka Slovenia, Antonio Dieguez Rodriquez from Spain and Bulgaria’s Plamen Todorov. Their friendly rivalry was one of the defining memories of Eureka Slovenia, I for one am hoping they get drawn at the same table so it can continue.

Play is slated to start at 2pm, and players will play nine one hour levels today. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 1B_big ship.jpg

Ship it!

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.


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