Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Day 2 Level 10, 11, 12 & 13 updates (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

June 25, 2011


6.22pm: End of the level
Players are now on a 15 minute break, you’ll find level 14 updates in a new post. — NW

6.10pm: News in brief

1) Miroslav Rizov still leads although he’s dropped a little to 225,000

2) Anna Davydova – the last woman standing – is still in she has 98,000

3) Eureka Slovenia runner-up Plamen Todorov has built his stack up to 68,000 from a start of day 15,600.

4) 57 players remain, average stack is 81,000 (40.5 big blinds). — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_miroslav lisov.jpg

Lisov still leads the way

6pm: Porebski powers on
It’s turning into the Daniel Porebski show on table 18 as he just took another nice pot. I only saw the river action but Igor Golubovic (big blind) had bet 12,500 with the board reading 4♣3♣2♣A♣K♠, after tanking for about two minutes Porebski (under the gun) called with A♦Q♣, Golubovic showed 9♣8♣.

“Were you worried about the king or the five,” asked Neil Rawnsley. “Both,” replied Porebski. Whilst Golubovic summed the hand up succinctly: “Nice flop, bad turn. — NW

5.45pm: Porebski picks one off
Damian Porebski is up to 160,000 winning a bit pot with pocket jacks against pocket tens. He’s certainly one to watch and is in form having finished 24th at UKIPT Newcastle. — NW

5.30pm: Exits
As level 13 kicks off 63 players remain, Arturias Jacikas who lost a big pot to Ciprian Daniel Cohal is one of the most recent exits. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000, ante 200

5.20pm: Cohal claws some back
Overnight chip leader Ciprian Daniel Cohal had lost some ground today but he just won a sizeable pot to boost his stack.

I only saw the river action but on a board of 7♥4♦5♠8♥Q♥ Cohal bet 20,500 into a pot of around 38,000 and got a sigh call from Arturas Jacikas, “I think I win,” said Cohal turning over 5♦5♣, indeed he was as Jacikas flung his hand into the muck. After that hand Cohal is up to around 125,000. — NW

5pm: Rawnsley on the rise
Neil Rawnsley came back today with 23,900 a stack he described as ‘not enough’. He’s had a good first two and a bit levels though as he’s up to 80,000. — NW

4.45pm: Quite the flop
Yuliyan Artachki moved all-in pre-flop from under-the-gun for 28,200 with pocket eights and found a willing customer in the shape of Evegeni Nikolov Sterev who held A♣Q♦.

The flop of A♥Q♠8♣ smacked both squarely in the face but Artachki stayed in the lead. The 8♥ came on the turn to give Artachki a lock on the hand and the meaningless 4♦ completed the board. — NW

4.30pm: Chip leaders
During the break tournament staff did a full chip count. The new chip leader is Miroslav Rizov (244,000) he won a big pot from former chip leader Balint Marcel Ovidiu who now has 133,200. Other notable stacks belong to Anna Davydova (91,700), Andrei Taranu (178,400), Tomasz Skrzyniarz (149,000) and Milen Bakardjiev (125,500). The overnight chip leader Ciprian Daniel Cohal has slipped to 116,200. — NW

4.22pm: Cards are back in the air
Level 12 is underway. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_funky glasses.jpg

Flashy Flushy shades

4.05pm: End of the level
Players are now on a 15 minute break. — NW

3.55pm: Balauru bounced
After two late position limps Dan-Alexandru Balauru moved all-in from the button for 16,600. From the big blind Emil-Constantin Ionascu dwelled up and then isolated by raising to around 40,000 and both limpers folded. On their backs:

Balauru: A♠Q♥
Ionascu: A♦K♠

The board ran out J♠A♣J♥7♠5♦ to eliminate Balauru. — NW

3.40pm: Chip counts
Here’s some assorted chip counts: Mick Graydon (58,000), Plamen Todorov (28,000), Iani Tulica (80,000), Pitic Radu (70,000), Andrei Taranu (155,000). The latter two are sat side by side and Radu has dropped 45,000 today whilst Taranu is up 65,000.

Keep an eye on the chip counts page which will be updated regularly. — NW

3.25pm: When you’re hot your hot
The chip leader – Balint Marcel Ovidiu – just increased his chip lead, eliminating two players in consecutive hands.

Hand one: Stijn Goossens made it 3,000 from the button with A♥K♥, Ovidiu three-bet to 9,000 from the big blind with A♠8♠ and then called Goossens all-in shove of 32,100. A board of 8♥9♠4♦Q♠6♥ connected rather better with Ovidiu’s hand than Goosens.

Hand Two: From the button Mateusz Moolhuizen moved all-in for his last 15,500 with A♣3♠ and Ovidiu made the call with pocket eights. A board of 6♠4♣Q♣J♠10♣ kept the chip leader in front. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_balint marcel ovidiu.jpg

Balint leads in Bulgaria

3.10pm: Twenty down
During the opening level 20 players busted out, amongst them the very early Day 1A pace setter Yamin Kfir and Dan Murariu. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200 ante 100

3.05pm: England versus Ireland
There were only a handful of UK and Irish players in this event and two of them have found themselves sat side by side at the start of Day 2. It’s Neil Rawnsley who has position on Irishman Peter Higgins – who is in the exact same seat where he spent all of Day 1A. Whilst Rawnsley may have the power of position it’s Higgins who has the power of chips as he currently has 56k compared to Rawnsley’s 30k. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_peter higgins.jpg

Peter Higgins

2.55pm: Win some lose some
Whilst many of the short stacks are busting out, some are getting that elusive double up they dreamed about overnight.

Once such players is Minail Panayotov who called all-in with pocket nines for around 18,000 from the big blind after Falko Eismann had moved all-in from the button with A♠4♠. The board of 2♥6♣10♠Q♣3♣ kept the Bulgarian in front and he high-fived his friend who was watching on the rail after the river card was dealt. — NW

2.45pm: Chip leader watch
The respective chip leaders from Day 1A and Day 1B have both lost a little ground so far today.

Day 1A chip leader Anna Davydova is down to about 105,000. I saw her raise to 2,700 from middle position, get flat called by Idan Greenberg, before Simeon Tsonev made it 10,000 straight. Both players folded.

And Ciprian Daniel Cohal has slipped to about 170,000. — NW

2.35pm: New chip leader
Balint Marcel Ovidiu was seventh in chips coming into today and he’s jump into the chip lead after eliminating Cristian Valentin Bleanda, who was 12th in chips coming into today. As a result of those two big stacks clashing, Ovidiu is up to 178,000. — NW

2.20pm: As expected carnage
In the opening 20 minutes we’ve lost seven players those who’ve been sent to the rail include: Nikolai Tsanev and Ioannis Gemidopoulos. — NW

2.05pm: Cards are in the air
Let the traditional start of Day 2 carnage begin. — NW

2pm: Day 2 set to start
A total of 116 players return to Day 2 but 107 will not make it through the day. However for some of them there will be the compensation of a trip to the cashiers cage as the top 36 will make the money.

The other 115 are all chasing Ciprian Daniel Cohal who has 175,300. Players are being called to their seats and we’re not far off starting.

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_intro shot.jpg

115 PokerStars return today

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.


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