Eureka Poker Tour Nova Gorica: Day 1B, level 5, 6, 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

May 13, 2011


11.45pm: Aces ensure double for Bevac
On one of the last four hands of the day Daniel Bavec doubled up getting his last 20,000 in with pocket aces against pocket kings.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_daniel_bavec2.jpg

Aces…upped Bevac’s chip stack at the death

11.45pm: Done for the day
Play is done for the day, a wrap of the day’s play will follow. Overnight chip leader is Bogdan Nicolae who finished on 109,300. Around 52 players have made it through from Day 1B.

11.25pm: Last four hands
The tournament clock has been paused and the remaining players will play four more hands before bagging and tagging commences.

11.20pm: A nice fillip for Bedzinski
The Poles are having a better day than yesterday as Filip Bedzinski just won a big pot to eliminate and unknown Bulgarian player who had no player I.D and exited very quickly.
From under-the-gun Bedzinski raised to 1,275 with A♠10♠ and picked up four callers including the Bulgarian from the small blind with A♥4♥. The flop was A♣3♠5♦ and Bedzinski c-bet 2,500 and only the small blind called. Both players checked the 2♠ turn and the 7♦ completed the river.

It was again checked to Bedzinski and he bet 5,500 and the Bulgarian then check-raised all-in for 28,000 and Bedzinski called, won the pot and boosted his stack to around 65,000.

11.10pm: Chip counts
Here’s some chip counts from my last lap of the room.

Bogdan-Aurel Nicolae – 96.300
Loris Scattolin – 69,000
Andy Mack – 52,000
Angelo Falletta – 61,000
Ye Yichaun – 34,000
Darie Vlad – 11,000
Mitch Johnson – 32,000
Gregorz Mikielewicz – 24,500
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez – 25,600
Daniel Bevac – 20,025

With 28 minutes left in the last level of the day 57 players remain, average stack is 30,000.

10.50pm: Texas Fold’em
Team PokerStars Online Grzegorz Mikielewicz is grinding along on a stack of 24,500. “I’ve been folding a lot,” he told me. The Pole is sat to the right of Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez at the table where Keith Johnson lost with quads to a straight flush. “None of the spectacular hands have happened to me. I’ve four-bet light once using my image but that’s about it.”

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_team_online.jpg

Mikielewicz – has been using this arm to fold…a lot

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, ante 75

10.30pm: Still way out in front
He has, if anything, gained a few chips, so Bogdan-Aurel Nicolae is still way out in front with a stack of around 95,000.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_bogdan-aurel_nicolae.jpg

Nicolae – cool, calm and collecting chips

10.20pm: So very cold
Right don your thermals, turn the heating up and grab a hot drink of some kind because this isn’t just a cold deck, it’s a frozen one.

Jure Vodeb raised to 1,100 from the hi-jack and from the big blind Keith Johnson raised to 2,500 from a stack of 11,000 with pocket jacks. Back to Vodeb and he called. The flop was J♥10♥J♦ and Johnson made a bet of 1,400, Vodeb then raised all-in with 8♥7♥ and Johnson obviously called with quads. “I turned my hand over really quickly,” said Johnson, “And he {Vodeb} said, “Ah I’m not drawing dead.”

The turn was a blank but the river was the 9♥ so Vodeb made a straight flush to crush Johnson’s jacks. The table erupted and those in the surrounding area rubbernecked to see what had transpired.

The Eureka Poker Tour Prague winner is out, but what a way to go. “I wasn’t even watching the river,” said Johnson. “Nobody hits one outers!”

10.05pm: Mack daddy
Andy Mack just tripled up by finding aces at just the right time. All the chips went in pre-flop with Mack having 24,500, Alexis Harakis was down to 7,000 and had A♣K♥ and and Giancarlo Gilberti, who covered both holding pocket tens. The bullets dodged all the possible outdraws on a 3♦8♦6♠8♦Q♠ board and Mack is now amongst the leaders on 57,000.

9.50pm: Prizes and Payouts
A full list of the prizes on offer here can be found by clicking on the link to the prizes and payouts page

9.40pm: Chip leaders
During the break tournament staff did a count of the chip leader at each table. Way out in front is Bogdan-Aurel Nicolae who has 94,300 which is almost as much as Miha Staric (97,500) finished with yesterday. Leading the chasing pack is Angelo Falletta (53,350), Michal Kadziela (52,150) and Ye Yichaun (51,825).

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400, ante 50

8.40pm: Dinner break
Players are now on a one hour dinner break.

8.35pm: Bold, Francese and grrrr
Table 17 has definitely been one to keep an eye on today there’s been plenty of fun and frolics going on and the table has got a lot of chips on it.

Most of the action has centred around Francese Raffaele who has not been afraid to play pots and it just so happened he was involved in two in quick succession.

Hand One: Raffaele raised to 675 and picked up three callers including Michal Kadziela from the small blind. The flop was 8♠6♠K♣ and it checked to Raffaele who c-bet 1,650, Kadziela was the only caller. The 2♠ turn checked through and then on the 9♠ river Kadziela led for 3,200 and Raffaele made a quick call but mucked when Kadziela showed K♦Q♦.

Hand Two: This time it was Raffaele who had king-queen but he ran into Libor Behro’s pocket aces and although he flopped a gutshot straight draw the turn and river blanked and he was eliminated.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_francese_raffaelle.jpg

With the elimination of Raffaele it’s Poker 1 – 0 Entertainment

8.15pm: When in Nova Gorica, Rome
No less than 30 Italian players were registered to play Day 1B of this event, that’s over 25% of the field. To put that in perspective the next highest today was Hungary who provided 10 players. Following them there were nine players from the UK and eight a piece from Romania and Poland.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_raffaelle_tarantino.jpg

Kill Bill Everyone – Raffaele Tarantino just one of many Italians in the field

8pm: Selected chip counts
Here’s some chip counts I gathered on my last lap of the room:

Mitch Johnson – 34,000
Michal Kadziela – 38,000
Damir Alidzanovic – 10,600
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez – 18,000
Grzegorz Mikielewicz – 21,600
Keith Johnson – 15,700
Ye Yichaun – 53,000 (back in the chip lead)

The average stack is currently 21,375.

7.50pm: Brits overboard – 80 remain
Play certainly seems to be a bit faster and looser than yesterday. Of the 114 who started 80 remain. Recent exits include two Brits, Simon Deadman and Alex Goulder.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

7.40pm: Bavec shows bouncebackability
Slovenian Champions League football presenter Daniel Bavec just doubled up through Daniele Carmine. The latter opened to 850 and then Bavec moved in for 8,350 total. Back on Carmine he tanked before making the call, on their backs.

Bavec: A♣10♦
Carmine: 7♦7♠

The flop of 3♣9♥9♠ kept Carmine in front but the A♦ on the turn hit the sweet spot as far as Bavec was concerned and the 3♠ river bricked out, Bavec back in it with around 17,000.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_daniel_bavec.jpg

Ace ball – back of the net

7.20pm: Vlad the chip taker
Darie Vlad appears to be the chip leader, he has around 48,000.

7.05pm: Deadman Handy
Pictured below is Simon Deadman, a young British pro and now a friend of the PokerStars blog for life after earlier reporting a hand to us. He’s got a string of cashes to his name in UK events, including two £20,000+ scores, one of which came in April this year. He’s not had the best of starts here and is down to around 6,000.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_simon_deadman3.jpg

Simon Deadman

6.50pm: Check is good
I joined the action to see a full board of A♦5♥6♦K♦6♥, Slaven Popv checked it to Antonio Sesvecan who took a while to contemplate his options before checking and showing A♠J♦ to win the pot.

6.35pm: Early chip leader
Early chip leader appears to be this man, Ye Yichuan from China who has 37,000.

eureka poker tour nova gorica_day 1b_ye_yichuan.jpg

Catch Ye if you can

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Nova Gorica: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca.


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