Eureka3 Bulgaria, Day 1A: An orbit with Petar Zografov

July 24, 2013

I decided to check in with defending champion Petar Zografov and spent an orbit at his table to see how he was getting on. This was the make up of his table for the orbit in question with approximate chip counts.

Seat Two: VICTOR CIUBOTARU – 31,000
Seat Three: IONEL ANDREI PREDA – 19,800
Seat Four: ILIYA YORDANOV – 27,000
Seat Five: IVAN SHEPTYTSKYI – 17,000
Seat Six: MARJAN MILANOVIC – 10,000
Seat Seven: GEORGE MALANCU – 19,800
Seat Eight: PETAR ZOGRAFOV – 17,000
Seat Nine: SEBASTIAN HOREA-POP – 26,000
Seat Ten: GROMAS ERLANDAS – 24,000

The button starts in seat two and blinds are 75-150

eureka3 bulgaria_day 1A_Petar_Zografov2.jpg

Zografov is hoping to run good again at Eureka Bulgaria

Hand One: I arrived at the table to see a flop of 6♥2♥Q♠ on the felt (this hand was not originally part of the orbit but it turned into a big hand), the original raiser was Ivan Sheptytskyi and he checked to George Malancu who bet 675, Petar Zografov called as did Sheptytskyi.

The 3♠ fell on the turn, again it was checked to Malancu he bet 1,100 this time and again both players made the call. The 7♠ completed the board, first to act Sheptytskyi fired out a bet of 5,575 leaving just 5,025 behind. After a brief think Malancu got out the way, but Zografov was not so quick to act. He tanked for a long time then announced call, Sheptytskyi showed 8♠6♠ for the rivered flush and Zografov mucked.

Post-hand analysis from Zografov and Malancu suggested that Zografov turned a straight and Malancu folded an overpair to the board.

Hand two: Malancu raised to 375 from middle position and won the hand uncontested.

Hand three: Sebastian Horea-Pop opened to 375 from middle position and Marjan Milanovic defended from the big blind. The A♥8♥8♦ flop was checked through then on the 7♣ turn Milanovic bet 400 and Horea-Pop made the call. The 8♣ completed the board, this elicited a bet of 1,000 from Milanovic, Horea-Pop raised it up to 3,400 and Milanovic called.

Horea-Pop: A♦A♠
Milanovic: A♣K♥

In a total cooler of a hand Horea-Pop had extracted value yet Milanovic had done well to lose relatively little.

Hand four: Zografov raised to 375 and won the blinds.

Hand five: Tsanko Arabadzhiev raised to 350 from under-the-gun+2 and met no resistance.

Hand six: From under-the-gun+1 Victor Ciubotaru opened to 350, Malancu called on the button and Zografov did likewise from the small blind. On the 8♣7♣Q♦ flop it checked to Malancu, he bet 550 and Ciubotaru was the only caller. The 4♦ turn was checked through and the 5♥ completed the board. Once more it checked to Malancu, he bet 600, Ciubotaru called but then mucked when Malancu revealed A♠Q♣.

Hand seven: Ciubotaru made a bid to get the chips back he lost in the previous hand by raising to 350, however Milanovic three-bet to 700 and when it folded back to him Ciubotaru made the call. On the J♣9♠Q♦ flop Milanovic c-bet 1,000 and that was good enough to win the pot.

Hand eight: Sheptytskyi opened to 300 from middle position, Horea-Pop then flat called on the button, but both players folded to the 1,300 three-bet from Arabadzhiev.

Hand nine: Ilya Yordanov played his first pot of the round, he made it 350 to go and picked up three callers. On the K♦7♥7♦ flop they all folded to his 700 chip c-bet.

Hand ten: Horea-Pop was absent for this hand and first to act Yordanov exposed Q♦8♥ as he folded. When action reached Malancu he raised it up to 350, only to fold to Zografov’s three-bet of 900.

So not the best of orbits for Zografov who is now down to under 10,000.

Eliminations: Whilst all that was going on Kasparas Klezys, Yuval Novikov, Petr Targa, Christian Kolke, Juho Hokkanen, Radoslav Lukaev, Galin Panayotov, Panayot Targov, Ion Maticiuc, Florin Chisu, Anthanasios Hubertus and Yordan Mitev have all been eliminated.

Players are coming to the end of level four.


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