Eureka3 Croatia: Achilles Bozso wins Eureka3 Croatia and €59,100

May 29, 2013

When heads-up play began in Dubrovnik we knew one thing for sure, that a player from either Hungary or Croatia would be winning their countries second Eureka Croatia main event title as Richard Bodis had scored one for Hungary in season one and Alija Filipovic had equalised for Croatia in season two.

It took less than an hour for the duel to be settled and it was Hungary’s Achilles Bozso who showed Boris Kuzmanovic a clean pair of heels. After a heads-up deal he collects €59,100 whilst Kuzmanovic took home €48,200.

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The cards fell right for Bozso today

The tournament defining hand didn’t come during heads-up play though, instead it came during three-handed play and involved Bozso and the then chip leader Georges Yazbeck. The Lebanese EPT regular had assumed that position when he eliminated two players in the same hand, he held jacks and stayed in front of Theodoros Aidonopoulos A♣Q♥ and Marek Uharcek’s A♦K♠, they finished sixth and seventh respectively.

In the hand in question with a complete board of K♦J♥Q♦7♦A♥ on the felt Bozso bet 150,000, Yazbeck raised to 500,000, Bozso moved all-in for 1,830,000 and Yazbeck snapped. The Hungarian had A♦3♦ for the nuts whilst Yazbeck had rivered broadway.

This gave Bozso 4,000,000 of the 5,500,000 and left Yazbeck short stacked, he was out soon after to Kuzmanovic and his chips at least gave the Croat a fighting chance going into heads-up.

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Yazbeck led but lost a big pot to finish third

Going into heads-up play Kuzmanovic , a 26-year-old chemical engineering student from Zagreb, was facing a 3,809,000 to 1,702,000 chip deficit and the pattern of heads-up play, in which Bozso won a greater number of small pots meant he was soon down to 1,100,000.

They went in with A♥Q♠ against Bozso’s pocket fours and an ace on the river gave him a reprieve.

But it wouldn’t last long, he again got ground down by the 22-year-old business student. The Croat found himself with just 480,000 and committed them with 9♣7♣, Bozso called with pocket queens and sealed the title on a Q♣6♠Q♠ flop. Not a bad way to do it I think you’ll agree. It was a commendable performance by Kuzmanovic though who had begun the day in ninth chip position of the remaining dozen.

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The chemical engineering student couldn’t quite construct the winning formula

In between Yazbeck’s double elimination and the huge tournament defining pot that he lost to Bozso, the Lebanese player eliminated Alberto Florilla in fifth when his ace-jack spiked against the Italian’s pocket tens. And Bozso took care of Zoltan Gonczo in fourth when his pocket jacks held against his compatriots A♦Q♥. Whilst Robert Dobai was the first player out at the final table when his ace-queen failed to outdraw Florilla’s ace-king.

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The elite eight in Dubrovnik

Eureka3 Croatia Main Event final table result:
1st. Achilles Bozso, Hungary, PokerStars Player, *€59,100
2nd. Boris Kuzmanovic, Croatia, PokerStars Qualifier, *€48,200

3rd. Georges Yazbeck, Lebanon, €26,900
4th. Zoltan Gonczo, Hungary, €19,700
5th.Alberta Fiorilla, Italy, €15,100
6th. Theodoros Aidonopoulos, Greece, €11,400
7th. Marek Uharcek, Slovakia, €8,900
8th.Robert Dobai, Hungary, €6,500

*denotes heads-up deal

The day had started with 12 players which meant that four players would miss out on the official final table. The unlucky quartet were: Jurij Kolesnikov (12th), Daniel Ebersold (11th), Marko Mikovic (10th) and Paul Knebel (9th). You can see the full list of payouts here.

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Ebersold fell just short of the final table

That’s it from the main event of Eureka3 Croatia, you can catch up on all of today’s action here and here. The next Eureka main event takes place in Varna, Bulgaria July 24th-28th, hopefully we’ll see you there.

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All photos are copyright of Ivan Dabac


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