Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1B: Fakhro tops 200k to lead Day 1B survivors

May 24, 2015

The Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event is halfway through Day 1, or halfway through its Day 1s would be more accurate. Two of the four starting flights are in the bag and the Main Event will now be on a two-day break – to allow the €2,200 two-day High Roller play out – before Days 1C and D play out on Wednesday and Thursday.

Eureka5_Hamburg _Imad Fakhro_.jpg

Chip leader, Imad Fakhro
Yesterday saw 103 players participate and that number was bettered by eight today as 111 players had registered by the time registration closed after level 6. Again, 12 45-minute levels were played out and Imad Fakhro made the most of them. He amassed 206,600 to lead from the likes of Nick Krasniqi (168,000), Elias Piloti (166,600), Thomas Dietl (157,800),
Hanno Offen (148,700) and Robert Gorschewsky (148,400). A total of 35 players made it through to join the 32 that made it through yesterday.

Tobias Peters, Rama Kusnadi, Marco Mattes and Thang Duc Nguyen all played today with mixed results. Peters (65,600) and Mattes (72,500) were the only two of those to make it through.

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Tobias Peters
Rama Kusnadi got off to a good start, punishing players who were playing too passively but he fell halfway through the day. Thang Duc Nguyen, the EPT3 Baden champion had a very swingy day before busting in level 10.

He doubled up to 50,000 early on after Andreas Thiele check-raised with second pair only to walk into Nguyen holding the nut straight. Nguyen gladly accepted the gift before he passed it on to Quentin Weber. He miss-click raised ten-times too much with ace-jack before Weber three-bet with ace-queen and then decided to go with the hand and shoved anyway. Weber called, held and went on to lead the filed for a good while before falling back late on. Nguyen temporarily recovered from the ordeal but failed to make Day 2.

Eureka5_Hamburg _Thang Duc Nguyen.jpg

No luck on home soil for Nguyen
One of the biggest pots during the latter period of the day played out between Yuh-Ho Choi and Piotr Kulczycki. The two players had contributed towards 44,000 chips making it into the middle before a K♥6♥10♥ flop appeared.

Choi was first to act and wasn’t in the mood for messing about as he moved all in for 50,800. Kulczycki went into the tank but ultimately called off his last 42,000.

Choi: A♦A♣
Kulczycki: Q♥Q♦

Choi was ahead but had to fade a heart. The J♣ just added to his worries as Kulczycki picked up an open ended straight draw to go with his flush but it was a case of too many outs as the 8♣ completed the board.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Yuh Ho Choi_day1b.jpg

There always seems to be a sweat with aces
As mentioned up top, the High Roller tournament takes centre stage tomorrow. Cards will be in the air at 7pm CET and the PokerStars Blog will bring you the major talking points through the mid and late evening. Until then, we leave you with a picture of what the bubble person will win as a consolation prize:

Main Event 1b Eurek Poker Tour 5 Hamburg Tomas Stacha_1DSC_0093.jpg

Yeah right!


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