Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1B: An orbit with Peters & Mattes

May 24, 2015

Tobias Peters, from Holland, has had a very busy year so far – accruing many air miles – on a globetrotting poker trip around the world and back again. The popular player has cashed in France, Macau, Malta and Belgium but has also played in the Bahamas, Australia and his own country amongst other destinations.


Travelling man, Tobias Peters
He’s one of the name players in the field today and has shared a table with Marco Mattes post-dinner. Mattes has accrued almost half a million dollars in live tournaments over the years. Most of that was thanks to being the last German standing (23rd) in the 2009 WSOP Main Event, earning $352,832.

With these two sat at the same table, we thought it was worth staying with the table for a full orbit to see what happened.

Hand 1. Ronald Szczerba limped from under the gun before Timo Scarcella raised from the next seat. Szczerba shoved for 14,500 when the action was back on him and was snapped off.

Szczerba: J♠J♦
Scarcella: A♠A♥

The board ran 2♦10♦6♠7♦K♣ and Szczerba said goodbye to the table.

Hand 2. Mattes raised to 1,400 from mid position and was only called by Valentin Pujol Such on the button. The flop fanned J♦K♣2♣ and Mattes check-folded to a 2,900 bet from his Spanish opponent.

Hand 3. Robert Gorschewsky raised to 1,900 from under the gun and all, including Peters in the big blind, folded.

Hand 4. Another raise and take. Such’s 1,600 raise from first position enough.

Hand 5. Gorschewsky completed from the small blind and Such checked his option in the big blind. Both checked the 9♠7♥2♣ flop before Gorschewsky led out for 1,700 on the 3♦ turn. Such raised to 3,400 and was called before the 6♠ completed the board. Both players checked again and Such’s K♠6♠ was good for the pot.

Hand 6. Jascha Ahmadi raised to 1,700 from mid position and was called by Peters en route to a 5♠A♦3♥ flop. He continued for 2,100 and the Dutchman quickly folded.

Hand 7. Mattes raised to 1,625 from second position and called after Ahmadi raised to 3,100 from the next seat. The flop fell 8♠8♥2♣ and and Mattes check-folded to a 3,100 bet.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Jascha_Ahmadi&Marco Mattes.jpg

Marco Mattes (left) & Jascha Ahmadi battle
Hand 8. Mattes opened the pot once more to 1,625 and, yet again, Ahmado three-bet him to 3,1000. Mattes called to a 4♣A♣2♥ flop where both players checked. Mattes took control from there on in with bets of 3,400 and 8,725 on the 6♣J♥ turn and river. Ahmado called the first best but tank folded on the river.

Hand 9 & 10. Two simple raise and takes from mid position players to finish off the orbit.

Peters, especially, was pretty quite that orbit but that might’ve had something to do with what was showing on the iPad on his lap. He had the PokerStars Mobile client open and was grinding SCOOP and other tournaments on, what is, one of the biggest Sunday’s of the year online.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Tobias Peters.jpg

Peters grinding on PokerStars
Peters finished the orbit with around 22,500 and Mattes with 28,000. Both are below average but more that capable of moving up the counts before the end of play.

Quentin Weber – the player who benefitted from Thang Duc Nguyen’s mis-click and all in earlier – had built on his fortune and moved into the chip lead with around 150,000 chips.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Quentin Weber.jpg

Chip leader, Quentin Weber
A few other counts:
Kiri Willner – 120,000
Imad Fakhro – 42,000
Thang Duc Nguyen – 33,000
Yuh-Ho Choi – 70,000
Melody Oyarhosseini – 24,000
Sebastian Homann – 4,000

Bustouts: Oliver Pese, John Hafemeister, Andreas Köster, Dennis Wilke, Sebastian Homann, Thorsten Guerra, Felix Jenichen, Jonas Mundt, Bennett Mix, Stephan Klam, Petros Uyanik, Nicole Köhlmoos, Holger Klock, Rolf Schoenberg, Alin Puscas, Michael Murra, Reimer Koester, Ayoub Jihad, Thomas Lender.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
– Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
– Blinds start at 25/50
– Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1B
– Registration closed for today


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