Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: Peters leads final 5 into Day 3

May 26, 2015

One-hour levels and (tried) playing to a winner today
Players: 5 of 81 remain
11 places paid with €43,210 up top

Payouts so far:

6 Rudolf Köster (Germany) – €9,590
7 Milan Rabsz (Poland) – €7,540
8 Sven Reichart (Germany) – €5,890
9 Rudolf Faininger (Germany) – €4,448
10th Max Kruse (Germany) – €3,930
11th Viktor Waal (Germany) – €3,930

The €2,200 High Roller players tried to play down to a winner today but at 3:20am CET – at the end of level 20 – the towel was thrown in. The remaining five players will return to the Spielbank Schenefeld Casino tomorrow and play on until a winner is finally crowned.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Tobias Peters.jpg

Tobias Peters in control
Tobias Peters put on a masterclass today and, as clear chip leader, will take some stopping tomorrow. Here’s how they ended up:

Tobias Peters – 838,000
Steven Abbey – 553,000
Fabian Petersen – 308,000
Ali Sameeian – 179,000
Timo Schneider – 147,000

Viktor Waal was the first player to bust in the money and he wouldn’t have been that disappointed after surviving a long period of the bubble period as the short stack including the survival of an all in.

Ali Sameeian raised to 12,000 before Waal moved all in for 76,000. Fabian Petersen was sat behind with 31,000 and called all in with pocket queens. Sameeian called with ace-jack and saw that he had Waal and his ace-ten dominated. The board ran blank and Waal hit the rail as Petersen tripled up.


Viktor Waal – 11th
Professional footballer Max Kruse has a flight out tomorrow so was keen to get things finished tonight. The tournament carried might have carried on but Kruse was finished after he busted to Schneider. The latter opened with pocket sevens and called after Kruse shoved for 48,000 with Q♥J♣. The board came 6♠K♦A♥4♥6♠.


Max Kruse – 10th
Both Sameeian and Kruse took home €3,930 for their efforts.

The final nine players were redrawn (for the last time) onto one table. Here’s that seat draw:


The final 9
Seat 1: Rudolf Köster
Seat 2: Milan Rabsz
Seat 3: Steven Abbey
Seat 4: Rudolf Faininger
Seat 5: Ali Sameeian
Seat 6: Sven Reichardt
Seat 7: Timo Schneider
Seat 8: Tobias Peters
Seat 9: Fabian Petersen

Rudolf Faininger was the first player to bust from the one-table affair to leave all others as members of the official final table. He was under the gun when he moved all in for 87,000. The action folded around to Milan Rabsz in the small blind who called before Steven Abbey called all in from the big blind.

Faininger: K♣Q♥
Rabz: 8♠8♣
Abbey: A♦A♣

The board ran 4♥9♣5♥J♣6♥ to triple up a happy Abbey. Rabz took a small side pot and Faininger took home €4,448.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Rudolf Faininger.jpg

Rudolf Faininger – 9th
Abbey’s good form continued as the end of level 18 came around. Most of his tablemates had gone on break as he moved all in for 148,000 after Milan Rabsz had limped in from the button. Rabsz tanked for several minutes before he called off his 142,000-sack with 6♠6♥. Abbey opened A♣K♠ and the board ran 10♦Q♦2♠Q♥K♥ to make him two pair. Rabsz looked disappointed but the €7,540 he won for 7th will ease the pain.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Milan Rabsz.jpg

Milan Rabz – 7th
Level 19 started with the final six chipped up as follows:

Seat 1: Rudolf Köster – 335.000
Seat 3: Steven Abbey – 310.000
Seat 5: Ali Sameeian – 250.000
Seat 7: Timo Schneider – 420.000
Seat 8: Tobias Peters – 600.000
Seat 9: Fabian Petersen – 95.000

The whole of level 19 passed without an elimination but once the action rolled into level 20 the tournament was shrunk to a five-way affair.

Fabian Petersen raised to 25,000 from the button before Rudolf Koster moved al in for 163,000 from the small blind. Abbey was in the big blind and he moved all in which was enough to force a fold from Petersen. It was domination nation as Abbey’s A♥K♦ was ahead of Koster’s A♠Q♣ and stayed that way through the 9♠A♦K♣9♦8♥ board. Koster was led off to the payout desk to receive his €9,590 for finishing 6th.


Rudolf Koster – 6th


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