Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: Peters in the action as the bubble looms

May 26, 2015

Level 12: 1,000-2,000/200
Level 13: 1,200-2,400/300
One-hour levels and playing to a winner today
Players: 13 of 81 remain
11 places paid with €43,210 up top

Some players get a rush of cards so will naturally have high VPIP statistics. Others will be high because they love to be in the action. Tobias Peters probably lies somewhere in the middle but he certainly got his fair share of cards in the third and fourth level of the day, two levels where he seemed to be in every pot.

The Dutchman has had his fair share of luck on rivers today. He won a big one off Mustafa Kersebom in the second level of the day when he made a straight on the river, and in the third level he made a bigger set on the river versus Goswin Siemsen to rise to 270,000.

The two players checked a 4♦7♣2♠ flop before Peters (big blind) led out on the J♠ turn and called when raised to 13,000 by Siemsen (cutoff). The board completed with the Q♣ and Siemsen bet 20,000 and called when Peters check-raised to 52,000. The Dutchman opened Q♥Q♠ beating out Siemsen’s 7♥7♣.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Tobias Peters.jpg

Tobias Peters
“Bad run out!” commented a sympathetic Peters. “Still, you just called on the river” he continued in an impressed tone. Siemsen smiled and studied his stack that had dropped to 38,000. Peters finished off Siemsen in the next level when he called his shove with pocket threes whilst holding ace-ten. An ace flopped to send the unlucky Siemsen to the rail.

Peters then turned his attention to overnight chip leader, Abbas Pahlewani. The two played out a couple of amusing pots. Pahlewani won them both but honours were even between the two.

In the first encounter, Peters had three-bet a 4,000 open up to 9,600 before Pahlewani cold four-bet all in for 86,900. “That’s a big bet!” commented Peters. “Will you show if I do?”

Peters then open-folded ace-queen and was shown ace-jack by Pahlewani. The table erupted in laughter as Peters held his mouth open.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Abbas Pahlevani.jpg

Abbas Pahlewani
Not long after that the two players were heads-up to the turn of a 6♣10♠3♦2♠ board. Peters led out for 12,400 before he foe raised to 36,500. “Can I keep folding to you? That is the question.”

The answer was yes and he open folded A♦10♣ and was shown 4♦5♦ by Pahlewani for a turned straight.

A crowd gathered around the next time a hand grew from the same table, and it was a big one, worth just under 200,000.

Irina Petrova opened to 5,000 before Pahlewani three-bet to 12,000. Ali Sameeian called the raise but Peters had other ideas and raised to 43,700. Petrova moved out of the way but Pahlewani called. Sameeian had 69,600 and in they went before Peters shoved. Pahlewani – who failed to survive until the break – open folded ace-king and left the other two it.

High Roller day 2 Eureka Poker Tour 5 Hamburg Tomas Stacha_13STA_8068.jpg

Sameeian gets the better of Peters
Sameeian: J♠J♣
Peters: A♦K♦

Sameeian was in good shape after seeing Pahlewani’s hand and the 10♦2♥7♥8♣7♣ board proved that.

The redraw with two tables remaining:

Name Country Table Seat
Steven Abbey Germany 1 1
Fabian Petersen Germany 1 2
Ali Sameeian Germany 1 3
Sven Reichardt Germany 1 4
Milan Rabsz Poland 1 5
Jesper Feddersen Germany 1 6
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 1 7
Viktor Waal Germany 1 8
Abbas Pahlewani Germany 2 1
Timo Schneider Germany 2 2
Tobias Peters Netherlands 2 3
Rudolf Koster Germany 2 4
Max Kruse Germany 2 5
Irina Petrova Russia 2 6
Rudolf Faininger Germany 2 7
Sebahattin Degermenci Germany 2 8

Some of those we have loved: Jesper Feddersen, Abbas Pahlewani, Forian Lehman, Cedric Jost, Wolfgang Warny, Goswin Siemsen and Stevo Marjanovic.
Chip counts for the final 13:

Name Country Chips
Tobias Peters Netherlands 280000
Timo Schneider Germany 230000
Ali Sameeian Germany 215000
Rudolf Faininger Germany 195000
Steven Abbey Germany 182000
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 180000
Fabian Petersen Germany 145000
Rudolf Koster Germany 125000
Milan Rabsz Poland 122500
Sven Reichardt Germany 114000
Max Kruse Germany 110000
Irina Petrova Russia 75000
Viktor Waal Germany 65000


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