Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: Schneider leads as EPT champs fall

May 26, 2015

Level 10: 600-1,200/200
Level 11: 800-1,600/200
One-hour levels and playing to a winner today
Players: 21 of 81 remain
11 places paid with €43,210 up top

The first two levels of the day were played at a frantic pace with more than half the field (22 from 43 starters) falling before the first break.

One of the shortest stacks – Peter Fritsche with 10,600 – was the first to depart. With the big blind at 1,200, he moved all in with king-jack and was called by Abdelkader Benhalima who held ace-queen. The board ran queen high and he made a quiet exit.

Yulius Sepman followed minutes later and then it was the turn of Pieter de Korver to go. One of two remaining EPT champs in the field (the other being Allan Baekke), De Korver was unlucky in a battle of the blinds. He raised with A♠J♠ and called all in for 14,000 after Milan Rabsz set him all in from the blinds holding A♦Q♠. The board ran 7♥8♣K♥5♦Q♦.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Jan Peter Jachtmann.jpg

Jan-Peter Jachtmann
Jan-Peter Jachtmann entered Day 2 with 45,800. Well, when we say entered, we mean his stack because Jachtmann turned up halfway into the first level of the day so his stack had shrunk a bit by then. It had decreased at lot more – down to 10,600 – when he moved all in from the button. Rudolf Faininger was in the small blind and moved all in as well to isolate.

Faininger: 10♣10♦
Jachtmann: 6♦6♣

The board ran 7♥8♣3♥7♠9♣.

Olga Iermolcheva busted her second tournament of the festival (she also busted the Main Event). She three-bet all in for 35,300 after Martin Guth had raised 3,600. Timo Schneider was sat behind and his cold call was enough to scare off Guth. Iermolcheva’s A♠J♥ was dominated by her opponent’s A♣K♣ and she was offered no help on the board.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Olga Iermolcheva.jpg

Olga Iermolcheva
The most exciting action from the first two levels of the day came from Table 1. Mustafa Kersebom took over the chip lead of the tournament (at the time) after he made a full house with 4♥4♣ on a 9♦4♦A♣5♦9♣ board. Abdelkader Benhalima had made trips on the river with 10♠9♠ and set Kersebom all in, only to see the bad news after he was called.

Kersebom doubled to 170,000 in that hand and built on that stack – moving well past 200k – before he lost a big pot to Tobias Peters. The two had made it to the river of a 5♣9♦Q♠2♥10♣ board with 13,500 in the middle. Kersebom led out for 17,000 from the small blind and faced a raise to 48,600 from Peters. He called and his Dutch opponent opened K♦J♥ for a straight, good to see his stack rise to 210,000.

Not long before, Peters had knocked out the talented Lasse Frost. He opened with pocket eights and called after Frost three-bet all in for 14,000 with pocket sevens. No change on the board and Frost was gone.

Allan Baekke was at at the same table until a re-draw took place when 24 players remaining. He moved to his new table and promptly busted. The Dane got tangled in a cooler but was relatively short at the time. His ace-king failed to overcome the pocket kings of Steven Abbey and the pocket queens of Martin Guth.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Allan Bakke.jpg

Allan Baekke
Other players who fell during the first two levels included: Oliver Dopp, Ulrich Pauls, Nikolaus Teichert, Mikhail Molchanov, Mike Debler, Yulius Sepman, Reinhard Nack, Varahram Vardjavand and Denys Drobyna.

Full counts from the break:

Name Country Chips
Timo Schneider Germany 220,000
Mustafa Kersebom Germany 215,000
Tobias Peters Netherlands 210,000
Goswin Siemsen Germany 130,000
Rudolf Faininger Germany 125,000
Stevo Marjanovic Germany 110,000
Steven Abbey Germany 105,000
Ali Sameeian Germany 95,400
Jesper Feddersen Germany 95,000
Viktor Waal Germany 94,100
Max Kruse Germany 90,000
Abbas Pahlewani Germany 90,000
Florian Lehmann Germany 81,900
Sebahattin Degermenci Germany 73,000
Sven Reichardt Germany 72,800
Milan Rabsz Poland 45,200
Martin Guth Germany 40,000
Fabian Petersen Germany 39,300
Wolfgang Warny Germany 23,600
Irina Petrova Russia 20,300
Rudolf Koster Germany 20,000


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