Eureka5 Hamburg: Level 16 – 20 (6,000/12,000, 2,000)

May 29, 2015

10:45pm: Play ends for the night
That’s all for Day 2. The colourful Tom Holke leads the way. Play will resume at 2pm CET tomorrow.

10:25pm: Last 6 hands
Each of the four remaining tables will play six more hans before bagging up for the night.

10:05pm: Leopizzi goes in 33rd
The tournament has slowed down considerably and it comes as no surprise.Today has been action-filled and ran at a fast pace. A lot of the players will have an eye on getting through this last level and making Day 3.

The tournament has made it down to a four-table affair though after Marco Leopizzi was eliminated in 33rd place.

He was in the big blind and three-bet all in for 138,000 after John Frost opened to 25,000 from the cutoff. Frost shrugged and made the call.

Leopizzi: A♦J♣
Frost: K♣Q♣

The board ran 9♥8♥8♠10♦K♥. A cruel river for Leopizzi seeing as he had the queen covered.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante


9:35pm: Seven-deuce game anyone?
Tom Holke in not messing around at the moment. If the colourful German is going to play a pot, he’s going to play for everything, no matter his hand.

First up, he three-bet all in for around 750,000 and showed pocket queens after Alaettin Keles opened. He folded to the shove. A short while later, he did exactly the same, to the same player, and showed 7♥2♥!

The next time Keles opened a pot, he moved all in with A♠8♠ but ran into Behzad Zarnegar’s J♣J♠ and busted.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Tom Holke.jpg

Tom Holke
9:20pm: Uzunoglu rockets up the counts
Kadir Uzunoglu, the Day 1A chip leader, has a stack approaching nearly a million chips after a cooler saw him eliminate Ioan Mihai Taisz.

After an early position open to 25,000, Uzunoglu three-bet to 100,000 and Taisz cold four-bet all in for 433,000 from the small blind. Taisz made an easy call after the original raiser folded.

Uzunoglu: A♠K♠
Taisz: A♣A♥

The board ran 3♥5♣4♦7♠9♣.

9:05pm: Four bust post dinner
Four players have already busted this level meaning the tournament is down to 39 players. Niko Koop, Marco Mattes, Bijan Sahebkar and Niklas Warlich have all departed.

9pm: Dinner break chip counts

Name Country Status Chips
Alexander Lemme Germany PokerStars qualifier 902,000
Tom Holke Germany 798,000
Steffen Kessler Germany 700,000
Malte Monning Germany PokerStars qualifier 693,000
Armin Eckl Germany PokerStars player 646,000
Moritz Kranich Germany 574,000
Umberto Vitagliano Italy 514,000
David Robert Jakobsen Finland PokerStars player 507,000
Andreas Bremer Germany PokerStars qualifier 500,000
Ioan Mihai Taisz Romania PokerStars qualifier 490,000
Nils Maibaum Germany PokerStars qualifier 474,000
Kadir Uzunoglu Turkey 467,000
Falco Tietjen Germany 438,000
Jurgen Fittschen Germany 413,000
Yuh-Ho Choi Germany 413,000
Hanno Offen Germany 398,000
Ilan Hannich Germany PokerStars player 398,000
Ismail Kalkan Germany 373,000
Soren Jensen Denmark 365,000
Walid Abdi-Ali Germany 364,000
Javad Hashemi Germany PokerStars qualifier 345,000
Nick Krasniqi Germany 333,000
Nils Mallon Germany PokerStars qualifier 307,000
Daniel Vollbrecht Germany 296,000
Elias Piloti Germany 268,000
Jeasper Meijer vab Putten Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 234,000
Mikhail Molchanov Russia PokerStars qualifier 227,000
Jan Bloch Germany 224,000
Behzad Zarnegar Germany 221,000
Marco Leopizzi Germany 204,000
Jan George Germany 168,000
Dennis Schafer Germany PokerStars qualifier 139,000
Patrick Renkers Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 135,000
Niko Koop Germany 134,000
Jonn Forst Austria 130,000
Niklas Warlich Germany PokerStars qualifier 117,000
Alaettin Keles Germany 109,000
Stephan Nitzschke Germany 91,000
Matthias Pickert Germany 91,000
Michael Diemke Germany 91,000
Marco Mattes Germany PokerStars player 89,000
Ezekiel Wendt Shabaz Germany 44,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante


7:50pm: Dinner break
The 44 remaining players are on a one-hour dinner break.

7:45pm: Spivack busts in battle of the blinds
Ariel Spivack wasn’t a happy camper after he busted in a battle of the blinds versus Armin Eckl.

Eckl raised to 22,000 from the small blind and then called while saying, “Let’s gamble!” when Spivack moved all in for 214,000 from the big blind.

Eckl: A♣8♠
Spivack: 4♠4♦

The board ran 10♠7♣9♣A♦10♥.

Eckl had a little fist-pump celebration to himself and Spivack – who had got up to leave – though it had been directed at him. The two had a couple of words in German about it but it fixxled into nothing.

7:25pm: Jonas really out of Lauck
Former FPS High Roller champion Jonas Lauck got his chips in dominating his opponent but was soon stood in line at the payout desk.

He raised to 22,000 from the small with ace-queen and called all in for 220,000 after Tom Holke shoved on him from the big blind. Holke opened ace-nine and flopped a nine. Holke moved up to 900,000 after the win.

Also out is Alon Lang. He can be heard bemoaning his luck close to the press area.

7:10pm: Oscar bows out
Oscar Peleg busted his massage and had to end end his tournament. Sorry, wrong way round, he had to end his massage after busting the tournament.

The likeable Swede moved all in from the cutoff for his last 57,000 chips and was looked up by Yun-Ho Choi in the blinds.

Peleg: J♦Q♣
Choi: A♣9♦

The board ran 9♥A♠2♥9♠7♥ meaning Peleg was drawing dead by the turn.

Main Eavant day 2 Eureka Poker Tour 5 Hamburg Oscar Peleg Tomas Stacha_49STA_8941.jpg

Peleg had to end his massage

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante


7pm: Jakobsen doubles through Morgenstern
Anton Morgenstern doubled up David Jakobsen and then busted soon after.

Jakobsen raised to 12,000 from the cutoff and then called all in for 106,000 after Morgenstern shoved from the big blind.

Morgenstern: A♦K♣
Jakobsen: 10♦10♠

The board ran 10♣5♠A♥K♥5♦ to make the Finn a full house.

Morgenstern – who went from massive chip leader with 27 left in the 2013 Main Event to out in 20th – busted soon after. He shoved with queen-eight and was called by an opponent holding queen-nine.

6:40pm: Various chips counts
Alexander Lemme – 980,000
Tom Holke – 660,000
Jonas Lauck – 400,000
Matthias Pickert – 320,000
Malte Mönnig – 400,000
Steffen Kessler 500,000
Ariel Spivack – 300,000
Nico Koop – 500,000
Andreas Bremer – 500,000
Moritz Kranich – 330,000
Kadir Uzunoglu – 400,000
Anton Morgenstern – 140,000
Marco Mattes – 130,000
Ale Sameeian – 105,000
Erkan Yildirim – 55,000

6:25pm: Good call!
Alon Lang’s stack has dropped to around 100,000 after he failed to get Yun-Ho Choi off pocket queens on a dangerous board.

Lots of chips had already ventured into the middle by the time the turn was dealt to show a 6♠J♣4♣6♣ board. Lang was in the big blind and led for 90,000. Choi took his time and called, leaving just 92,000 behind. The board completed with the 4♠ and both players checked.

Lang opened 2♣2♥ and lost out to Choi’s Q♦Q♣.

“Good call!” said a sporting Lang.

6:10pm: Flood gates open
Those hanging on just to make the money have been going bananas since the bubble burst and the Main Event has shrunk from 87 players to 67 in around 20 minutes.

Those leaving with a min cash, or one jump higher include: Björn Boll, Krzystof Jacyk, Norbert Krull, Frank Fechner Michael Oswald, Marc Juchem, Micha Hoedemaker, Vasilos Ageloudis, Robert Leszczynski, Andrey Dimitrov, Marcel Buescher, Jan Peters, Eric was writing Grass, Andreas Giedt, Steven Abbey, Uwe slide, Ercan Atmaca, Hans Schmitz, Martin Törper, Veit Eska, Markus host and Patrice Brandt.

Their finishing positions will be conformed once the line at the payout desk is processed and the information passed on.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000/6,000, 1,000


5:50pm: Jan Heitmann bubbles Eureka5 Hamburg
Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann must be wondering what he needs to do to get an over pair to hold against the under pair of an opponent. Twice during EPT Season 11 did he see his aces cracked by an opponent’s pocket queens to wreck his tournament, and a similar situation has occurred here at Eureka5 Hamburg to make Heitmann the bubble boy.

The hand for hand bubble period took 40 minutes to play and ten round of hands. During that period six players managed to double up and there was also one split pot. On the bubble hand, there were two all ins at two separate tables meaning Heitmann, despite busting, had the chance to split the 87th place prize money.


Heitmann bubbles
Bijan Sahebkar opened to 12,800 from mid position and called after Heitmann three-bet all in for 62,800 from the button.

Sahebkar: 8♣8♠
Heitmann: J♠J♥

The board ran 8♦A♥6♠2♥7♥ to moans and groans from the gathered crowd.

The crowd then moved over to table one to watch the other all in. Nils Maibaum was the player at risk after he three-bet all for 107,600 from the button after Marco Leopizzi had raised from the cutoff.

Maibaum: J♥J♦
Leopizzi: A♥A♠

The board ran 8♥2♥2♦3♦10♦.

No luck for Heitmann and he could only smile at the predicament. Next time! The last few minutes of the level played out and the players went on a break.


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