Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event Day 3: Levels 21 -25. Blinds (20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante)

May 30, 2015

7:25pm: Jan Bloch eliminated in 7th place (€16,960)
It took exactly one hand of level 25 for the day to end with the elimination of Jan Bloch. Of course it had to be a three-way all in to finish off the day!

Eureka5_Hamburg_Jan Bloch.jpg

Jan Bloch
Jan Bloch was the short stack and he moved all in for 632,000. Tom Holke flat called and Nils Maibaum tried to raise but didn’t say anything when he slammed some chips in and as he didn’t do it with enough to raise it was deemed a call.

The flop came 6♣7♦8♠ and Maibaum set Holke all in for his last million. Snap call!

Maiburn: A♦K♥
Bloch: A♠9♣
Holke: A♥A♣

The board ran out J♥6♥. Bloch was out and Holke scooped a huge pot to leave Maiburn short.

Full counts and a wrap of the day’s play will be up on the blog soon.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000, ante 5,000


7:20: Chip counts

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Jan Bloch Germany PokerStars qualifier 637,000
2 John Forst Austria 847,000
3 Tom Holke Germany 1,874,000
4 Steffen Kessler Germany 2,871,000
5 Nils Maibaum Germany PokerStars qualifier 2,504,000
6 Armin Eckl Germany PokerStars player 1,013,000
8 Alexander Lemme Germany PokerStars qualifier 4,368,000

7:10pm: Break time
The players are on a 15-minute break.

7:05pm: Holke Hogan
Tom Holke should be known as the German Hulk Hogan as he doesn’t mind being in the limelight and wresting with opponents in the poker ring.

He lost another couple of pots and won one against a short stack.

He raised to 90,000 from the hijack and was called in two spots before Alexander Lemme squeezed to 535,000 from the big blind. Holke was the only caller to a 8♣4♦3♠ flop where he folded to a 410,000 c-bet.

When he was in the big blind he defended to a 60,000 button raise from Jan Bloch. Both checked the 9♥7♥5♦ flop before Holke set Bloch all in for his last 248,000 on the 6♣ turn. Bloch tank-folded and was shown 3♥4♠ by Holke for s straight!

The hand after that he called a 60,000 raise from Steffen Kessler while in the small blind. The board ran out 6♣10♦K♥2♦A♠ and Holke check-called bets of 105,000, 180,000 and 325,000 on each street. Kessler opened A♣K♣ for two pair and Holke mucked.

6:45pm: Huge double for Kessler
Tom Holke has proven that it is possible for him to lose a hand after he doubled up Steffen Kessler.

He raised to 80,000 and was called by called by Kessler (cutoff) and Alexander Lemme (big blind). The flop fanned J♠9♠10♦ and Holke’s 200,000 c-bet was only called by Kessler. He called another 300,000 on the 10♣ turn and the board completed with the 8♥. Holke slowed to a check and then tank-called when Kessler shoved for 827,000.

Kessler opened 9♥9♣ for a full house and Holke showed 10♥2♥ for trips. Both had around 3.2million after the hand.

Holke lost a few more the next hand when he raised John Forst’s 60,000 bet up to 190,000 on a 4♣6♣Q♣ flop, only to fold to a shove.

6:20pm: Michael Diemke eliminated in 8th place (€ 11,670)
The first hand of the official final table and the first elimination has occurred. You didn’t think it’d take longer than that, did you?

Michael Diemke raised to 75,000 and Tom Holke peeled from the big blind to see a Q♦7♥2♦ appear. Diemke moved the rest of his chips in when the action was checked to him and Holke snap called.

Diemke: 9♥9♠
Holke: Q♥8♥

The board ran out 5♦5♠.

One more player needs to be eliminated and the day will end.

6pm: Final table chip counts

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Jan Bloch Germany 774,000
2 Jonn Forst Austria 726,000
3 Tom Holke Germany 4,644,000
4 Steffen Kessler Germany 1,378,000
5 Nils Maibaum Germany PokerStars qualifier 2,245,000
6 Armin Eckl Germany PokerStars player 921,000
7 Michael Diemke Germany 670,000
8 Alexander Lemme Germany PokerStars qualifier 3,822,000

5:45pm: Nick Krasniqi eliminated in 9th place (€9,190)
The official Eureka Main Event final table of eight has been reached after the elimination of Nick Krasniqi in ninth place.

Alexander Lemme raised and called after Krasniqi three-bet all in for 300,000.

Lemme: A♣10♠
Krasniqi: J♣J♦

The board ran A♥6♣3♠3♥4♠ for another three-outer bust out. The players are now on a break while the final table is arranged, photos taken etc.

Eureka5_Hamburg _Nick Krasniqi.jpg

Nick Krasniqi – 9th place

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000, 4,000 ante


5:35pm: Final nine redraw

Seat Name Country Status
1 Jan Bloch Germany
2 Jonn Forst Austria
3 Tom Holke Germany
4 Steffen Kessler Germany
5 Nils Maibaum Germany PokerStars qualifier
6 Armin Eckl Germany PokerStars player
7 Michael Diemke Germany
8 Alexander Lemme Germany PokerStars qualifier
9 Nick Krasniqi Germany

5:30pm: Walid Abdi Ali eliminated in 10th place (€7,550)
The Main Event is a one-table affair after another cooler brought about one more exit to add to the pile.

Walid Abdi Ali three-bet all in for 250,000 with pocket queens after Steffen Kessler opened with kings. The latter called and the board ran all low.

The final nine are being redrawn for the very last time.

5:20pm: Umberto Vitagliano eliminated in 11th place (€7,550,00)
Another player has fallen to Tom Holke and it was the last Italian player in the field, Umberto Vitagliano.

He moved all in for 310,000 from the button and Holke called from the big blind.

Holke: A♠J♠
Vitagliano: J♦10♠

The board ran 6♥4♥Q♦5♥7♦.

Will this frantic pace ever stop?

5:10pm: Soren Jensen eliminated in 13th place; Elias Piloti eliminated in 12th place (both €6,310)
Back to back hands from table 2 brought about another two eliminations.

Soren Jensen raised 54,000 before Tom Holke three-bet to 175,000 from the big blind. Jensen four-bet shoved for 1.21million and was insta-called by Holke with A♣A♥. Jensen opened K♠K♣ and the board ran 8♥10♥5♥7♠6♣. “Nice hand!” said a sporting Jensen.

Eureka5_Hamburg Soren Jensen_Day3.jpg

Soren Jensen – 13th
The very next hand, Elias Piloti three-bet all in for 300,000 after Nils Maibaum had opened to 50,000. Call.

Maibaum: A♥7♦
Piloti: 7♠7♥

The board ran 9♥5♠3♣8♥A♠ to pair Maibaum’s ace on the river.

4:55pm: Kadir Uzunoglu eliminated in 14th place (€5,520,00)
Kadir Uzunoglu’s wild ride at the top of the counts has come to and end after he busted in a big pot versus Alexander Lemme.

A few minutes before the decisive hand, Lemme had raised and folded to Uzunoglu’s massive three-bet shove. He decided to await for a better spot and it was soon in coming.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Kadir Uzunuglu_day3.jpg

Kadir Uzunuglu – 14th
He raised from the button and Uzunoglu called from the small blind to see a K♦6♦3♣ flop. A c-bet was called before all the chips went in on the 4♦ turn. Uzunoglu opened 4♠4♣ for a turned set but Lemme opened A♦5♦ for the nut flush. The board failed to pair on the 7♣ river.

4:45pm: Javad Hashemi eliminated in 15th place (€5,520)
Javad Hashemi was next to go after pocket fours couldn’t come behind to beat the jacks of Alexander Lemme.

He raised from the cutoff and then four-bet shoved after Lemme three-bet him from the big blind.

Lemme: J♣J♥
Hashemi: 4♥4♣

The board ran Q♣Q♦J♦8♥9♥ to see another winning full house.

4:30pm: Yun-Ho Choi eliminated in 16th place (€ 4,960,00)
Yun-Ho Choi was a brave man in shoving into the big blind of Tom Holke but he did have a big hand. He had 244,000 and made his move from the hijack and was snap called by Holke.

Choi: A♦K♣
Holke: 2♥2♠

The board ran 2♣K♠7♠3♣3♥ to make Holke a full house.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante


4:15pm: Seat draw and chip counts as play resumes

Name Country Table Seat Chips
Steffen Kessler Germany 1 1 1,100,000
Armin Eckl Germany 1 2 780,000
Javad Hashemi Germany 1 3 990,000
Walid Abdi-Ali Germany 1 4 405,000
Michael Diemke Germany 1 5 588,000
Alexander Lemme Germany 1 6 916,000
Jan Bloch Germany 1 7 1,008,000
Kadir Uzunoglu Turkey 1 8 1,105,000
Soren Jensen Denmark 2 1 607,000
Yun-Ho Choi Germany 2 2 312,000
Nick Krasniqi Germany 2 3 242,000
Nils Maibaum Germany 2 4 2,263,000
Umberto Vitagliano Italy 2 5 363,000
Tom Holke Germany 2 6 2,248,000
Jonn Forst Austria 2 7 653,000
Elias Piloti Germany 2 8 337,000

3:50pm: Mortiz downed; 16 remain
The tournament is down to the last two tables after former EPT champion Mortiz Kranich was eliminated by Jan Bloch.

Bloch raised to 40,000 off the button and took his time in calling after Kranich three-bet all in for 281,000 from the big blind.

Kranich: A♣6♣
Bloch: A♠9♦

The board ran 2♠10♣3♣7♠K♥.

The final 16 players have taken a short break while the redraw is seen to.

3:35pm: Renkers hits the rail
Young Dutchman, Patrick Renkers, had been ducking and diving all day, getting chips where he could but it finally caught up with him.

Tom Holke raised from the button and called after Renkers shoved for 270,000 from the small blind.

Holke: J♠10♠
Renkers: A♣7♥

The board ran J♣J♥5♣2♥5♦ to hand Hole another pot and scalp.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Day3_Patrick Renkers.jpg

Patrick Renkers
3:20pm: Two more depart
Yet more exits. Dennis Schafer and David Jakobsen went one after the other and the tournament is down to 18 players.

Schafer three-bet all in for 260,000 after Nils Maibaum had opened to 40,00 with A♦K♠. Schafer opened 10♣10♠ but couldn’t hold on the 6♠J♦9♦A♠7♥ board.

A few seconds later, Jakobsen opened with A♥J♠ from early position and called all in after Javad Hashemi three-bet all in for 517,000 with A♠Q♦. The board ran A♣4♠6♦Q♥4♠ and the Finn was just covered by his German opponent.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000, 3,000


3pm: Holke way over two million after Monning exit
One of the danger men left in the field – Malte Monning – has fallen in 21st place. The EPT10 Grand Final third-pace finisher moved all in for 275,000 and was called Tom Holke.

Monning: 8♠8♥
Holke: 3♣3♥

Monning was in great shape but the J♠4♦3♠9♣7♦ board showed that Holke is unstoppable right now. He moved up to a huge 2.4million.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Day3_Malte Monning.jpg

Malte Monning
2:50pm: Molchanov sucked out on to bust
The last Russian player in the field has busted and he was unlucky too.

Mikhail Molchanov was in the big blind and three-bet to 160,000 after Kadir Uzunoglu opened from early position. The latter four-bet shoved and Molchanov called all in for around 500,000.

Molchanov: A♥K♥
Uzunoglu: K♦J♦

Domination nation didn’t stop Uzunoglu sucking out on the J♥K♠9♠2♠9♥ board. He’s up to around 1.6million as a result.

2:42pm: Mallon busts in classic race
Nils Mallon was the next player out as the pace refuses to slow down. He busted to Patrick Renkers after shoving for 150,000 with A♥J♦. Renkers called with 10♣10♦ and the board ran 8♦6♠2♦3♠2♥.

2:35pm: Krasniqi eliminates Bremer
Nick Krasniqi managed to finish the job off the very next hand. He was in the big blind and called after Andreas Bremer moved all in for 120,000 from the small blind with Q♦3♦. Krasniqi opened A♦A♣ and the board ran A♥7♣3♣Q♣7♥.

2:32pm: Piloti and Jensen High-Five
Elias Piloti and Soren Jensen were one card away from being eliminated in the same hand but an ace on the river saved them and they celebrated together.

Nick Krasniqi opened to 23,000 from under the gun before Piloti (226,00) and Jensen (378,00) both moved all in with ace-king. Krasniqi got the counts and the called with pocket queens. The board ran 4♠2♦6♠8♦A♠.

2:20pm: Zarnegar and Hanich depart
The players are not shy of getting their chips in today. Behzad Zarnegar busted and was quickly followed by Ilan Hanich.

Zarnegar raised from the button and Nils Maibaum called from the big blind to see an A♠10♣J♠ flop appear. Zarnegar commited the rest of his chips with K♠8♣ but ran into Maibaum’s A♣10♥ for two-pair. Zarnegar hit a straight on the Q♠ turn by Maibuam hit back by filling up on the A♦ river.

Hanich was short and found a pair (3♦3♠) that he was happy to go with but Armin Eckl had 9♣9♠ behind and made the call. The board ran 4♦5♥A♠Q♣A♦.

2:10pm: Falco follows soon after
Falco Tietjen would’ve entered today with high hopes due to a healthy 584,000 stack but flopping top pair just cost him his tournament life.

He was in the big blind and called an under-the-gun raise from Tom Holke to see a 9♥7♠J♠ flop. The chips went in and Tietjen opened A♥J♥. He was soon swearing in German though after Holke opened Q♦Q♣. The board ran out 2♣Q♥ to improve Holke’s hand to a set. He’s clear at the top with almost 1.7 million.

2:05pm: Jeasper Meijer van Putten first out
It took only moments for the first player to bust and the dubious honour went to Jeasper Meijer van Putten.

He got his stack in with A♥8♦ but ran into Steffen Kessler’s 10♥10♣ who improved to a set on the 10♦5♣9♥A♠J♠ board.

Van Putten will take home €2,970 for his efforts.

2pm: Shuffle up and deal!
Cards are in the air.

1:45pm: Tom Holke heads the race to the final table
On the eighth day of the Eureka5 Hamburg festival just 28 players remain in €1,100 Main Event. It’s the penultimate day where 20 players will miss out on the chance of being a finalist in Germany’s first ever Eureka event.

The plan for today is to play down to six players or eight levels, whichever comes first. Tom Holke leads the way with 1,150,000, just ahead of Kadir Uzunoglu (1,131,000) and Armin Eckl (1,008,00). As you can see from all the chip counts though, it’s very tight at the top and is anyone’s game. Today’s seat draw can also be found here.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Moritz Kranich_Day2.jpg

Can Kranich add a Eureka title to his EPT title?
Moritz Kranich is the last remaining EPT champion in the field but he has work to do with just 265,00 to his name. He was in positive spirits at the end of play yesterday saying he was short yesterday and manged to come back, so why couldn’t he manange it again today.

Cards will be in the air at 2pm CET so join us back here then for hand-by-hand coverage.


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