Eureka5 Hamburg: Welcome to Day 2

May 29, 2015

Welcome one and all to Day 2 of the Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event. It’s a big coming together day as all the survivors from the four starting flights join up for the first time, all 173 of them. It’s also a big day today, as the players will reach the money later on (details below).


Heitmann still in the hunt
The Day 1C crowd come into the day with the most aggressive reputation as it was the only flight that produced two 300,000-plus stacks, in the shape of Marko Noll and Patrick Renkers. And wouldn’t you know it, they’ve both been drawn at table six along with Day 1D chip leader Alon Lang, who’s fourth over all. Check it out:

Naser Nawrozi Germany &nbsp, 36,900 6 1
Oscar Peleg Sweden &nbsp, 116,000 6 2
Alon Lang Germany PokerStars qualifier 286,200 6 3
Jennifer Sabuel Germany &nbsp, 18,900 6 4
Marco Noll Germany &nbsp, 305,200 6 5
Denys Drobyna Ukraine PokerStars Player 72,000 6 6
Andreas Bremer Germany PokerStars qualifier 60,400 6 7
Patrick Renkers Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 300,200 6 8
Andreas Giedt Germany &nbsp, 111,800 6 9

Other players still in the hunt include: Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann, David Lappin, Denys Drobyna, Jonas Lauck, and EPT4 Copenhagen runner up, Soren Jensen and Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller champ, Tobias Peters.

Right, to the reason the players are all here, glory apart. Money! Finish 87th or better and you’ll be guaranteed €1,750. Make the final table on Sunday and €11,670 is the least amount you’ll take home. Win the whole thing and you’ll have a shiny new trophy and €107,920 to play with. Click here for the all the details.

Cards are already in the air and eight one-hour levels are scheduled for today with a dinner break after level six.


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