Eureka5 Prague: Ring that bell: Manuel Fernandes chimes in with chip lead

December 07, 2015


Manuel Fernandes: Leader at the end of Day 1b

Day 1B of Eureka Prague main event was all about the numbers, specifically how many were pouring through the door. At one point today, I think I saw the list of alternates at 400+–and that’s for a seat in one of Europe’s largest poker rooms.

It took the people with the abacus almost until the final level of the day to reveal exactly how many players there were. That’s because they first had to find a good abacus store in the Czech capital, then had to send out for emergency supplies from Abacus Store Brno. (The courier service is very good. Abacus Prime they call it.)

When all was said and done we learned that 1,453 players were in today, which was a single-day record for the Eureka Poker Tour. And when you add that to the 438 who played yesterday, that’s 1,893 (including two no-shows). That’s another record.


An enormous field on Day 1B of Eureka Prague

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At the end of the day, the man with the biggest stack appears to be Portugal’s Manuel Fernandes, who bagged 344,300. We don’t know much about him, but at the mid-point of level 12, the last of the day, he had a smile that would reach Lisbon from here and was rapidly texting home.

By the time the bell rang for the end, the bell was ringing quite literally over Fernandes’s chip stack. Last year’s winner had a dog; today’s leader had a bell. Whatever next.

There are other big stacks, among about 460 still left, with the following:

Manuel Fernandes – 344,300
Stephane Noel – 298,400
Andriy Lyubovetskiy – 286,600
Aris Theodoridis – 276,000
Tomasz Wrobel – 274,300
Vladas Tamasauskas – 261,800
Dariusz Beres – 258,100
Andrei Grigoras – 248,000
Fahredin Mustafov – 248,000
Frank Williams – 230,300
Gianluca Spedrana – 219,800
Ryan Mceathron – 209,800
David Grabinski – 206,400
Vasile Stancu – 196,800
Marc Convey, UK – 158,300
David Vamplew – 123,200

The first order of business tomorrow will be to reveal the full details of the prize pool. How they carve it all up remains a mystery, but the significant chance is that the winner will get even more than Balazs Botond’s €206,948 last year.

Today wasn’t so great for the likes of Chris Moneymaker and George Danzer. After a morning spent skydiving, they shoved their chips out of a plane too today. It was a tremendous day for PokerStars Blog’s Marc Convey, who signed for 158,300.


He lost his chips, but Moneymaker provided the image of the day

Tomorrow the action reconvenes at noon, when the room will also be full of Super High Rollers sitting down for the start of their tournament. Who needs them, huh>

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