Eureka5 Prague: The 150K sweet spot

December 07, 2015


Still a packed room at Eureka Prague
If you had to choose precisely where to be placed at this stage of proceedings on Day 1B of the Eureka Prague Main Event, I think you would probably ask to have about 150,000 in chips.

We are just approaching the end of Level 10, meaning there are two 45-minute stretches of play until the end. Blinds are presently 600-1,200 (200 ante) going up to 800-1,600. The most chips I saw in front of anyone on a recent trip around the room was 210,000, which was the total being shepherded by Poland’s Dariusz Beres.

We all know that the person with the most at this stage doesn’t win the tournament. This is law; a measure brought into play by the Poker Players Alliance, unanimously voted in as the “Jamie Gold Rule”. (Nobody wants another one of those.)

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But there are probably about 20 players in the field with chip stacks between 150,000 and 180,000 and that’s a sweet spot: still sufficient to make all the running yet not too much to be carried away.

Frank Williams is one of those. He has in the region of 150,000. He told me the majority came from a three-way all in, when he had aces in early position and opened to 750. There was a three bet to something like 5,000 (nothing is predictable in tournaments like this) and a player behind shoved over the top of that.

Williams said he flatted the shove, coaxed the other player in, who was then also separated from his chips through flop, turn and river.

Jenya Gavrilovich has a similar-sized stack while Besim Hot, with arguably a top-five poker name, has about 160,000. Hot is pretty well known as a high-stakes cash player in and around central Europe. He is ranked second on the Swiss all time money list for tournament poker play, but has really made his name at the cash tables and is often seen on the live stream from King’s Casino, Rozvadov, where they play super high.

Hot is going well, although Soufiane Temsamani sits between him at Beres. Temsamani has about 180,000.

And yes, yes. Our old mate Marc Convey is also sitting in that sweet spot. He has about 160,000 too.

Tournament info:

– The number of players is now at 1,457 for the day, but there’s still various administrative tasks to undergo before we can be sure of the full number of players for today (and this tournament.)
– I have very little idea of anything else going on. It’s still chaos out there.
– Marc Convey is still in.

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