Eureka5 Prague: The Conv is in the house

December 07, 2015


Marc “The Conv” Convey. With chips.

Marc Convey has the potential this week to make our job at PokerStars Blog very difficult. As you maybe know, Convey is a mainstay of tournament coverage on the European Poker Tour and has a regular byline on these very pages.

But he’s actually playing the Eureka Prague event this week having qualified online and–wait for it–he’s doing rather well. He has about 120,000 at the most recent break, which is definitely in the top ten percent.

The reason that could be awkward for us at PokerStars Blog is that most of us here are British, like Convey. That means that we’re psychologically incapable of expressing anything like warmth and congratulations to our close friends (well, colleagues*) and would rather wrap our own insecurities in bundles of scorn-drenched swaddling.

We’re far more at home cracking wise about our friends’ (well, colleagues) ineptitude, which means we’re going to be at a loss for words only if Convey does well. And that’s what he is doing. He’s doing well. Help!

(Keep it going Conv.)

Convey’s 120,000 is matched by Meir Ben Shimon, of Israel, who has something similar. Meanwhile, a rough count of Jakub Wojtas and Dany Kreidieh has them at about 130,000 while, at the most cursory of passes, Javier Rojas Mederos’s 140,000 is possibly in the lead.

*you see what I mean?

Tournament info:

– Chris Moneymaker is out.
– Javier Gomez Zapatero, who yesterday became WPT Prague champion, has hopped into this.
– Marc Convey is still in.

German language coverage is on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.


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