Five New Events Added to SCOOP 2019 Schedule

May 17, 2019inPoker

Five new SCOOP events, and more than $5 million added to schedule, including one event to test Friday Feeling…

A few years ago, a British company set out to examine what effect Friday had on the working day.

You can’t argue with facts

They talked to more than 2,000 office workers across Britain. What they found was that the worker “switched off” at 2:39pm on Friday afternoon.

So not long after lunch, and shortly before afternoon tea.

It meant in the business sense, Friday afternoon was a complete write off. The “Friday Feeling,” as they put it, was simply too strong to resist.

Well, far be it for us to quibble with scientific research.

Today we’re adding five new events to the SCOOP schedule. One of which takes advantage of the Friday sweet spot, with a start time that put this theory to the test.

The others will create some bonus buzz during the second week, with 15 new tournaments in total, and more than $5 million added to the combined prize pool. There’s also a $25K event to turn some heads.

Before we get to details, here’s where the new events will fit in.

5 New Events for the SCOOP Schedule

Monday, May 20 (10:30 ET/ 15:30 UK): 9-Max NLHE  

Buy-ins: $11/$109/$1,050

Gtd: $75K/$200K/$400K

Thursday, May 23 (16:00 ET/ 21:00 UK): 8 Max NLHE

Buy-ins: $215/$2,100/ $25,000

Gtd: $500K/ $1M/ $1.5M

Thursday, May 23 (17:30 ET/ 22:30 UK): 8-Max NLHE Turbo

Buy-ins: $22/$215/$2,100

Gtd: $100K/$200K/$400K

Friday, May 24 (10:30 ET/ 15:30 UK): 6-Max NLHE PKO       

Buy-in: $11/$109/$1,050

Gtd: $100K/$250K/$400K

Friday, May 24 (16:00 ET/ 21:00 UK): 6+ Hold’em

Buy-in: $55/$530/$1,050

Gtd: TBD

What does that add up to?

These add up to another $5,125,000 added to the total SCOOP prize pool. That figure will be even more when the guarantee for Friday’s 6+ event is confirmed.

We’re also running a 5-seat guaranteed satellite to the $25K event. Find details of that over in the PokerStars lobby.

Here’s a look at those events in full…

Monday 20 May: 9-Max NLHE at 10:30 ET/ 3:30PM UK

Suits those with a paper round

Previously the earliest you could play SCOOP in Europe on Monday was 6pm UK (7pm CET). Now you can start playing in the afternoon.

That makes this event almost perfect if you work nights, or early mornings.

If you’re a breakfast radio DJ, for example, or a farmer. Or maybe you still have a paper round. This event is for you.

Thursday 23 May: 8-Max NLHE at 16:00 ET/ 9pm UK

This event starts at 9pm UK (10pm CET) so you’ll need to skip any prior engagements. Skip the Pilates class or the ballroom dancing lessons.

Skip it this week

If you’re on Eastern Time you’re into: “boss I need to leave early” territory. Or take advantage of late registration and a good 4G signal on the commute home.

Then again, with buy-ins starting at $215 (L), then switching up to $2,100 (M) and $25,000 (H), it’s unlikely you have a boss you need to run this by.

But there’s more for Thursday…

Thursday 23 May: 8-Max NLHE Turbo at 17:30 ET (10:30pm UK)    

This event follows immediately afterwards, so you can continue the poker binge. Albeit at Turbo speed, so you’re done at a respectable hour. You don’t want the “Friday feeling” ruined by “Thursday night” feeling.

Buy-ins start at $22 (L). Then go up to $215 (M) and $2,100 (H).

Friday 24 May: 6-Max NLHE PKO at 10:30 ET (3:30pm UK)  

This one tests the Friday Feeling theory.

If you’re one of the 2:39pm crowd, then this one starts at 3:30pm UK time. Buy-ins are $11 (L), $109 (M), and $1,050 (H).

The guarantees are on the big side, ranging from $100K, to $250K to $400K.

By the way, the study mentioned above also found that you’re most likely to be in the pub at this point. So playing this event is like having a super power.

Friday 24 May: 6+ Hold’em at 16:00 ET (9pm UK)        


Ideal for anyone whose plans for Friday night involve a night in rather than a night out.

This 6+ Hold’em events follows events already scheduled. It has a buy-in to suit a Friday night as well.

Entry starts at $55 (drinks for ten). Then up to $2,100 (bottle service for ten) and $25,000 (rent the bar for ten).


That’s five new events, and 15 new tournaments added to the SCOOP schedule. Plus more than $5 million added to the prize pool.

You can find details of those, as well as how to qualify for these and every other SCOOP events, on the SCOOP homepage.

*Of course, if you’re on Eastern Time the survey doesn’t count. Unless it turns out most people over there, regardless of where they work, clock off on a Friday at some point after breakfast.


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