Five things for the PokerStars weekend

November 11, 2016

Five things from the week on PokerStars.

All in at ACOP

This week the PokerStars headlines have been dominated by events in Macau. That’s where the 2016 ACOP festival is fast approaching that bit where money and trophies are handed out.

chip_tray_acop_11nov16.jpgWho’s chipped up in Macau?

Our reporting team have been on hand bringing live updates of all the action. Earlier this week Yuan Li won the Super High Roller event for a first prize of HK$6.7 million. Meanwhile the Main Event has reached Day 4 and as we write two tables are slowly being whittled down to just one. You can follow live updates of that event here.

In addition the High Roller event started today and we have live updates of that also. To follow that click here. And if you’ve missed anything from the week in general, all the action from the ACOP in Macau can be found here.

Who’s your pick for the GPL playoffs?

The first year of the Global Poker Tour has certainly turned a few heads, turning poker into a team game played by players across the world. The team names and logos make it akin to the NBA or MLB rather than a poker tournament, which has become part of its appeal. And in keeping with that image the GPL is about to enter its playoff phase, with eight teams advances to the knockout stages.

gpl_playoffs_11nov16.jpgClick to enlarge

How those playoffs will play out, and who is involved, is something we wrote about this week. They’re a couple of weeks away, so still plenty of time to pick your favourites. But let this introduction be something of a guide. We’ll be featuring more from the GPL in the coming weeks.

Most Inspirational Player? Easy.

Last week PokerListings hosted their Spirit of Poker Awards, a yearly tribute to the best in the game, not just at the tables, but away from them as well. We at PokerStars were proud to echo the views of the voting public, who awarded Most Inspirational Player to Friend of PokerStars Felipe Ramos.

felipe_ramos_award_winner_11nov16.jpgFelipe “mojave” Ramos

Ramos is without question one of the most friendly, approachable people in the game, who leaves you with the sense that you’ve been friends for years even after your first introduction. Which is exactly what we said in this piece, which also features a short video of Ramos receiving notice of the award while he played the PokerStars Festival New Jersey last week.

The latest episode of EPTNotLive

This week’s podcast, featuring special guest star Jake Cody, has been unleashed…

“Joe is not quite himself this week, as he recovers from the shocking result of the US Presidential election. But he soon gets down to business, telling James about his recent gig hosting Daniel Negreanu’s charity poker tournament in Las Vegas. The boys also discuss the latest TV show: The Best of the EPT Episode 1 (now available to watch at They’re joined by Jake Cody, who features in the top 40 countdown, to look back at 12 seasons of the European Poker Tour. There’s a summary of how you can Spin & Go to the Bahamas, and James reveals his current obsession with Beat The Clock tournaments. Finally, Joe’s former flatmate Jesse Abramowitz narrates a disturbing late-night tale, and demonstrates his knowledge of Uber fares in this week’s edition of ‘Superfan vs Stapes’.


Click here to listen to this week’s podcast.

The cure for the winter blues

We say this every year but we say it because it’s true. The best cure to a cold and wet winter without poker is a warm, sunny island in the Bahamas with all the poker you can handle.

What’s more the cure costs as little as $10 to winners of our new Spin & Go’s aiming to send as many players as possible to the PokerStars Championship Bahamas (formerly the PCA) in January.

Spin _Go_PokerStars_Championship_Bahamas_11nov16.JPG

How do you do that exactly? We’re glad you asked. Click here for details of how to play, and what’s in store for winners. See you on the beach?

That’s all for this week. Good luck at the tables this weekend. Tweet us @PokerStarsBlog.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.


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