Free poker for an entire year? PSO makes an offer you can’t refuse

April 07, 2017

There’s an old saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Even if it appears you’re getting something for free – such as a healthy chicken salad or guilt-laden double burger with fries – there will always be a cost associated with it somewhere.

Well, PokerSchoolOnline has been doing its best to disprove this adage by giving away something even better than a free lunch; free cash. And lots of it too.

PokerSchoolOnline recognised that one of the only drawbacks of playing a poker tournament or a cash game is that you must stump up some of your own cash to enter. Of course, if you’re a winning player (or if you run good!) you can multiply this amount by many times – but there is still the possibility of losing too.

To solve this problem PokerSchoolOnline came up with the ingenious idea of awarding one player free poker for an entire year! Each and every week the winner of the promotion would have $50 deposited into their account to use as they wish. Lose it all? Don’t worry, there will be another $50 coming this time next week. Spin it up to treble figures? Even better, it’s all yours!


In order to win the prize, players had to make a first time deposit (see, there really is no such thing as a free lunch!) to get a ticket into one final tournament which offered the incredible free poker for a year prize to the winner.

After all the dust was cleared it was Venezuela’s leodan800 who took the honours, narrowly beating out Russian kinkong09011 into second place. The entire final table picked up some great prizes but leodan800 is the one who will be enjoying a constantly replenishing account for 52 weeks to come.

Here are the full results:

Place Name Country Prize
1st leodan800 Venezuela $52 cash for 52 weeks
2nd kinkong09011 Russia 52 $11 tickets
3rd Rosen22 Germany 52 $5.50 tickets
4th Hiury5 Brazil 52 $3.30 tickets
5th cleclk12 Brazil 52 $2.20 tickets
6th SerSaransk Russia 52 $1.10 tickets
7th jograc Germany 52 $1.10 tickets
8th 6exe6cuter6 Venezuela 3 x Big Bang $5k gtd tickets
9th leopezao1 Brazil 30 School Pass tickets

PokerSchoolOnline will be keeping up with leodan800 as he goes on his poker journey, so keep checking the site for updates.

Sad that you missed out on this promotion? Luckily PokerSchoolOnline is always coming up with new and exciting ideas to give away great value prizes to its members. All you have to do is create an account and check out the Promotions page by clicking here. There’s bound to be something in there that could help boost your poker game today.


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