Get ready for SCOOP!

March 09, 2011

SCOOP logo 2010.gif

If you’ve been looking forward to another series of PokerStars SCOOP – the Spring Championship of Online Poker – then the good news is we’ve now got the schedule. As usual the list of SCOOP tournaments covers all the main poker formats, with small, medium and large buy-ins for each event.

My favorite games are Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud Hi and Stud Hi-Lo, so when I come to work out which tournaments to play, I’ll be looking for these ones first. Of course, I’ll also try to play the HORSE tournament and 8-game events, especially those with the higher buy-ins, and the Main Event.

People often ask me which games (from 8-game) are my best ones. I think I’m playing all these games on about the same level, and this level is something “above average”. However, I don’t consider myself “top-class” in any of these games.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to play every SCOOP event as I will likely be in Moscow where it is night time when the tournaments start. That’s why it is important to plan carefully for events you would like to play from the schedule.

PokerStars is by far the largest online poker site, with lots of new players starting out their poker journey every day. For the newer and less experienced players, they should probably stick to the No Limit Hold’em events in SCOOP as this will be the simplest format for them.



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