How Bounty Builder events work and why you should play them

February 21, 2022inPoker

Last updated 22 February 2022…

Poker has always been a battle. This time, it’s all about the knockout!

The Bounty Builder Series is here, bringing you $25 million in guaranteed prizes. With nearly 200 events on the cards, it’s time to get your gloves on.

What’s this PKO format anyway?

Every event in the Bounty Builder Series is a progressive knockout.

The rules of engagement are simple.

Each player has a bounty hanging over their head. Knockout a player and you instantly win half of their bounty. This is yours to keep no matter what.

The other half gets added to your own bounty total. The more opponents a player knocks out, the bigger their own bounty becomes.

As the game progresses the rewards for knocking out players get huge. It’s exhilarating stuff!

Walk me through it…

Still don’t get it? This example will clear it up:

  • You buy into a Bounty Builder Series event for $55
  • $25 goes to the regular prize pool
  • $25 goes to your bounty
  • You knockout a player who has a $25 bounty
  • $12.50 from the KO is instantly added to your balance
  • The other $12.50 is added to your own bounty
  • You later KO a player who has accumulated a $200 bounty total
  • You instantly win $100 from the KO, and the other $100 is added to your own bounty

Why should you play Bounty Builders?

Bounty Builders are the solution to the many frustrations, including bursting the bubble, or min-cashing after six hours of play.

With PKO events, you always have more than one way to win.

You still take a percentage of the prize pool for finishing in the money. There’s all to play for in terms of making the final tables and finishing first.

Yet there’s also the added bonus of earning bounties along the way.

Just a couple of knockouts and you can easily win back your buy-in. Keep knocking players out and your bounties will stack up into huge prizes. It’s even possible to win big without cashing in the tournament.

The two ways of winning can combine to make for huge tournament earnings. A player in a high stakes PKO recently earned over $40k in bounties in a single game, as well as nearly $40k for coming first in the tournament.

Aside from the opportunity to win big, PKOs stir up action and create new and interesting table dynamics. Will you loosen up to target the short stacks, or stay tight and move up the pay ladder?

Knocking players out of poker tournaments is also good for you. It’s both calming and invigorating. You can trust us, we did a Twitter poll.

It’s a bounty bonanza!

Now that you’re sold on the financial (and health) benefits of knockouts, it’s time to get prepared for a whole series of PKOs.

The Bounty Builder Series will be bringing the fight to players from February 27 to March 13.

Events are running in all divisions, from featherweight events at $11 to super-heavyweight events with a buy-in of $5,200.

Most tournaments are no-limit Hold ‘em, but there’s also plenty going on for Omaha fans. You can find the full Bounty Builder schedule here, or head to the PokerStars client and click on the ‘Bounty Builder Series’ tab.

The $530 Main Event High on Sunday March 13 has a guaranteed prize pool of $2 million. With $250 from each player’s buy-in going towards the bounty, expect a lot to be won in knockout prizes.

You can also find out all you need to know about the Series, in our Complete guide to Knock Out poker.

Okay, niceties over… get fierce, get willing, and get ready to knockout your opponents!


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