How playing Omaha today could change your life

May 23, 2019inPoker

As strictly a hold’em player, it’s easy to feel down on a day like this. You’re limited to $5.50 SCOOP-Low events, but today there are no hold’em tournaments on the schedule for less than $22.

But it’s time to sit up, put your shoulders back, and lift yourself out of this funk.

You want to play some cards, so gird yourself. Because it’s going to have to be Omaha.

Let others click away, seeking safety in their kitten videos and lifestyle blogs. You’re sticking around to take the leap.

You didn’t realise it, but this is your big day.

This could be the day you finally break into a game you’ve previously been afraid of.

All that head-spinning detail about four cards, and having to play two of them in combination with the flop, turn and river… in a few hours from now it will seem second nature.

Because today you face that fear. Today you level up as a poker player, and all for just $5.50.

Not only will playing SCOOP 48-L make you a wiser player, you’ll have better stories to tell.

You’ll take yourself more seriously as a player.

People will gravitate towards you without knowing why.

You’ll ooze self-confidence and call your parents more.

Neighbourhood kids will call you “mister”. Your blood pressure with come down and you’ll fit into your trousers without a fight.

You’ll spend your evenings reading more inspirational poker stories, and watching fewer repeats of situation comedies.

You’ll stand up for yourself at work, and push back when Biff from accounts hogs the photocopier.

You’ll start jogging in the morning. You’ll iron things and stop calling Monster Munch “dinner.”

This could happen almost immediately.

And all because you decided today was the day your $5.50 poker budget would be spent… nay invested, in Pot-Limit Omaha.

You might be thinking this is an exaggeration. But who would be wrong if all this became true?

Get yourself over to the PokerStars tournament lobby.

Select the SCOOP tab and scroll down to SCOOP 48-L. It starts at 16:45 UK (11:45 ET) so you don’t have long to wait (less time to change your mind), but late registration is open for 3 hours 05 minutes.

One last thing which we didn’t tell you earlier. Try not to freak out.

It’s PLO8. That means pot limit Omaha with a Hi and a Lo hand to win.

You can get a briefing on how to play PLO8 here. We would also recommend spending the time looking at yourself in the mirror chanting affirmations.

Either way the story you tell about this day will be enhanced, and even embellished, by the cavalier spirit you’re now demonstrating.

Tell your loved ones to expect a new you tomorrow morning.

You know who you are. Now go to it.



PokerStars staff

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