How to make the most of winning a satellite

April 23, 2019inPoker

Playing at PokerStars makes it easy to win a seat in a major tournament, either online or live. This week, with EPT Monte Carlo coming up and SCOOP right around the corner, there’s a lot of great advice at PokerStars School to help you make the most of your opportunity once you’ve won your package or series ticket.

Online Satellites to Live Poker Events

While you dream of Monaco at night, you can prepare by spending some time thinking about the details.

One of the most attractive values in online poker is the chance to win a package to a major live poker tournament. It’s so attractive, in fact, that people sometimes chase that value without stopping to make a few important considerations that never come up when you’re playing online.

For starters, are you available to travel on the necessary dates? Do you need a passport or a visa to visit the country where the tournament is being held? What about the terms and conditions of the tournament? There’s a lot to think about!

Thankfully for the uninitiated, Dave Roemer’s guide to considerations for online satellites to live poker events is an excellent place to start. Check it out here.

Tips for Tournament Package Winners

The Salle Des Étoiles at the Sporting Club, home of EPT Monte Carlo.

Dozens of qualifiers from around the world are heading to EPT Monte Carlo at the end of this week. For some, this might even be their very first trip to a live tournament festival.

That’s who OP Poker’s Nick Walsh has in mind with his latest video, 5 Tips For Tournament Package Winners. Live poker tournaments can be overwhelming if you mostly play online or you’re even a little bit out of practice. This video has some solid practical advice for how to overcome those obstacles through preparation.

Learn how to make the most out of your satellite package win with these 5 Tips For Tournament Package Winners.

What is a Phased Poker Tournament?

Get ready for SCOOP Event #1 by learning about Phased Poker Tournaments

This year’s SCOOP series is right around the corner. That makes right now a great time to learn about phased poker tournaments, of which SCOOP Event #1 is a prime example.

“The interesting thing about these events is that they seem like a hybrid of a satellite and a regular multi table tournament,” writes Barry Carter. “But when you boil them down they are just a regular multi table tournament. They are like a satellite in that you are required to play a Phase 1 ahead of time in order to play Phase 2. However, unlike a satellite you take the stack you earned over to the next stage, whereas in a satellite you start afresh with a standard starting stack.”

Phase 1s for SCOOP Event #1 are already running $2.20, $22 and $215. Prepare yourself with Carter’s advice and then get in on the action!

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