How Winter Series will help you survive the holidays

December 24, 2019inPoker

You have more time for poker over the holiday season. And the long nights make staying in the preferred option.

But if the holiday season brings with its various obligations away from the game, Winter Series can still help.

Take this example.

You’re seated next to great uncle Clifford at dinner and are struggling to answer questions about what you’re get up to these days.

You could mention how you just took down a big cash in one of five $1m Gtd Winter Series events (which you won a seat into for a couple of dollars); earning enough for your buy-in for the next event on your target list (and a few treats in the sales), which you intend to play while Uncle naps off the pudding…

Or stick with “can you pass the gravy?”.

Or maybe you’re cornered at a New Year’s Eve Party — hardly your natural stomping ground.

You could nod along to chit-chat about half-hearted resolutions.

Or you could mention your results in the special edition $3 Million guaranteed Sunday Million you played two days earlier. How it was the event you’ve always wanted to play, and which you now plan on making a habit.

Then of course you’ll be back at work soon enough, answering questions about the holidays.

How about mentioning that you won a seat into one of three Winter Series Main Events that coming Sunday, with six figure guarantees, for a couple of dollars.

And, how it wraps up the third biggest online tournament series of the year on PokerStars. And that if you win it you might be late to the office next Monday.

You could say that.

Or you could say “Not much, now that I think of it.”

Winter Series starts December 25

You have a few days to think about it before Winter Series kicks off on Christmas Day.

Get up to speed by checking out the all-you-need-to-know post about Winter Series.

It includes the full schedule of tournaments, along with buy-ins (which start at $5.50) and how to qualify for any event, even those with $10,300 entry fees, for just a couple of dollars.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and (whether it’s Winter Series-related or not) a happy New Year.


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