IPT7 Malta2 Main Event Final table: Levels 27 – 30 (60,000/120,000, ante 20,000)

October 25, 2015

5:50pm: Aces beats Chinese aces
After a period where chips moved around the table, Natan Chauskin’s lead increased on the last hand of the level when his aces beat the eights of Govert Metaal.

He opened to 275,000 from the button with A♥A♦ and just called when Metaal three-bet to 725,000 from the big blind with 8♥8♣. The flop came 5♠J♦K♠ and Metaal continued for 1,200,000 and snap folded when Chaskin set him in.

The live stream immediately went to a break so chip counts will be posted upon their return. The updates will appear in a new post.

5:25pm: Chip counts

Name Country Status Chips
Natan Chauskin Belarus 11467000
Govert Metaal UK PokerStars qualifier 4816000
Chris Brammer Netherlands PokerStars player 2992000

5:10pm: David Gomez eliminated in fourth place (€54,570)
IPT_Malta-565_David Gomez Antelo.jpg

David Gomez – fourth place
David Gomez quickly followed Joep Raemaekers out the door after he lost a race to Govert Metaal.

Metaal opened to 250,000 from under the gun and snap called after Gomez three-bet all in from the button for 1,167,000.

Metaal: A♦K♥
Gomez: 9♦9♠

The board ran Q♠7♦A♣8♣3♦ to pair Metaal’s ace. He’s having a dream day so far, whereas Gomez struggled from the off.

5pm: Joep Raemaekers eliminated in fifth place (€42,440)
IPT7_Malta2-539_Joep Raemaekers.jpg

Joep Raemaekers – fifth place
Joep Raemaekers’ exit in fifth place was just a case of bad timing for the Dutchman.

He was down to his last 1,029,000 when he moved all in from the button. Brammer did likewise from the small blind and the hand were flipped up.

Raemaekers: J♥8♥
Brammer: Q♦Q♠

The board ran Q♣A♥7♠3♣7♥ to make Brammer a full house. Brammer moved up to 3.4 million.

4:52pm: Govert shows his Metaal
Govert Metaal decided to slow play pocket tens versus Chris Brammer and it worked out well for him.

Brammer raised to 225,000 from under the gun with A♦K♦ and Metaal just called in the next seat with his 10♥10♦. The board ran out 9♥7♠5♠4♦2♦ and Brammer check-called 200,000 and 325,000 on the flop and turn before both players checked the river.

Brammer opened his hand and saw the bad news.

Metaal – 4,706,000
Brammer – 2,100,000

4:40pm: Brammer wins a hand he had no right to
When you have 9♥[4♦ in the big blind you don’t expect to a win a hand that often. Chris Brammer had that hand and was allowed to make a hand that won him the pot.

Natan Chauskin limped from the button with J♣9♣ and Joep Raemaekers completed with 9♠6♠. Brammer checked his option and all three players checked the 7♥5♣8♥ flop. A third heart came on the A♥ turn and Raemaekers checked again and was the only caller after Brammer bet 225,000. The J♥ river completed the Brit’s flush draw and both players check.

Brammer – 2.7 million
Raemaekers – 1.1 million

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 60,000/120,000 ante 20,000


4:18pm: Chip counts

Name Country Status Chips
Natan Chauskin Belarus 12650000
Govert Metaal Netherlands PokerStars player 4296000
Christopher Brammer UK PokerStars qualifier 1988000
David Gomez Spain 1727000
Joep Raemaekers UK PokerStars player 1144000

4:12pm: Tobias Garp eliminated in sixth place (€31,420)
IPT7_Malta2-542_Tobias Garp.jpg

Tobias Garp – sixth place
It’s now Day 3 all over again! Tobias Garp has been eliminated to make three exits in quick succession.

He three-bet all in for 1.910 after Govert Metaal opened to 200,000 from under the gun. Snap call.

Metaal: A♦A♠
Garp: 7♦7♠

The board ran J♠K♠3♣A♥9♣ with the diminutive Swede’s exit confirmed by the turn.

4pm: James Grogan eliminated in seventh place (€22,500)
IPT7_Malta2-532_James Grogan.jpg

James Grogan – seventh place
It didn’t take long for the next player to depart and Natan Chauskin was the man responsible again. James Grogan was eliminated and was unlucky in doing so.

He three-bet all in for 880,000 from the big blind after Chauskin had opened from under the gun. Call.

Chauskin: A♠7♠
Grogan: A♥K♥

The board ran Q♥5♣3♠9♦7♥ to pair Chauskin’s kicker on the river. Grogan departed and Chauskin moved up to 12.6 million

3:55pm: Denis Timofeev eliminated in eighth place (€16,030)
Today’s pace was cray from the off and today had been an exact opposite, until now. The first player has fallen and was Denis Timofeev.

He moved all in for 1.61 million with 4♣4♠ and was called by chip leader Natan Chauskin holding A♣J♣.

The board ran 2♠8♠Q♦K♥10♣ to make the Belorussian a straight on the river.


Denis Timofeev – eith place

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000/100,000, ante 10,000


3:30pm: Break time
The players are on their first break of the day.

3:20pm: Chauskin extends lead after topsy-turvy hand
Natan Chauskin has moved up to 12,170,000 after filling up versus Tobias Garp who had turned a flush.

Chauskin opened to 200,000 from under the gun and Garp was the only caller from the small blind. The Swede went on to check-call bets of 200,000, 380,000 and 570,000 on a 2♦J♦7♣6♦2♠ board. Chauskon showed him J♣J♠ for a full house and he mucked his K♦Q♦ to drop to 1,170,000.

2:52pm: Garp hits back at Brammer
Chris Brammer found a bigger ace in another raised pot with Tobias Garp but played it very differently and, to be fair, probably lost the minimum.

Garp raised to 160,000 from under the gun with A♦K♥ and Brammer called from the cutoff with A♥J♥. The board came A♣6♣8♦3♦10♦ and Garp bet 150,000, 200,000 and 1.3 million all in on each street. Brammer called the first two bet but folded quickly to the river shove.

Garp – 2,600,000
Brammer – 3,090,000


Tobias Garp
2:40pm: Brammer applies pressure on Garp
Chris Brammer and Tobias Garp have (apparently) butted heads a lot playing online at PokerStars. Both have been quite through the early stages.

Garp opened to 160,000 from mid position with K♦td] but folded to a three-bet from Brammer out of the small blind with A♣8♥.

These two players seemed to steer clear of each other yesterday so it’ll be interesting if Brammer, for instance, has a different plan for Garp today.

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LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000/80,000, ante 10,000


2:23pm: Chip counts

Name Country Status Chips
Natan Chauskin Belarus 10010000
Christopher Brammer UK PokerStars qualifier 3750000
Govert Metaal Netherlands PokerStars player 2446000
Tobias Garp Sweden PokerStars qualifier 1875000
David Gomez Spain 1587000
Joep Raemaekers UK PokerStars player 1482000
James Grogan Ireland PokerStars qualifier 1280000
Denis Timofeev Russia PokerStars qualifier 1165000

2:10pm: Grogan doubles
James Grogan, the second shortest stack at the start of play, made his move and doubled up.

He was shortest with 620,000 when he moved all in from the small blind and was called by Natan Chauskin in the big blind.

Grogan: A♥5♣
Chauskin: K♣5♣

The board ran an Irish flavoured 4♠8♣4♣A♣Q♥. He moved up to 1,320,000 and Chauskin dropped to 9,600,000 after he had passed ten million earlier.

2pm: Metaal still hot
Govert Metaal’s good start to the final table has continued at the expense of David Gomez.

The latter raised to 125,000 from under the gun and Metaal called from the big blind. The flop fanned 10♠Q♠10♦ and Metaal check-called 125,000 before both players checked the 3♠ turn. Metaal then led the 2♥ river for 230,000 and Gomez called.


Metaal (centre) & Gomez (right)
Metaal opened A♠5♠ for a flush and Gomez mucked his K♥Q♥.

Gomez – 908,000
Metaal – 2,800,000

1:45pm: Metaal doubles up on the third hand
It didn’t take long for the first all in and call of the final table.

Govert Metaal moved all in for 740,000 on the first hand but got no callers. On the third hand, he raised to 130,000 and then called all in after David Gomez moved in for 2,405,000. Metaal called all in for 920,000.

Metaal: A♠K♠
Gomez: 9♣9♠

The board ran 5♦K♣5♦Q♠7♥. Just what the dutchman needed.

Gomez dropped to 1.4 million and Metaal jumped up to third with 2.35 million after winning a small pot, with pocket queens, the hand after.

1:35pm: Shuffle up and deal
Introductions are done and cards are in the air!

1:25pm: Final table about to begin
Welcome back for the last day of the IPT Malta Main Event. The final table was set early evening yesterday after an unfortunate bustout out for Franco Arlotta in ninth place. The hand enabled Natan Chauskin to gain a firmer grasp on today’s final table. As you can see from the table below, he’s going to be a hard man to stop:


The final eight

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Christopher Brammer United Kingdom PokerStars qualifier 3,580,000
2 Denis Timofeev Russia PokerStars qualifier 2,090,000
2 Govert Metaal Netherlands PokerStars player 750,000
4 David Gomez Antelo Spain 2,525,000
5 Tobias Garp Sweden PokerStars qualifier 1,690,000
6 James Grogan Ireland PokerStars qualifier 890,000
7 Natan Chauskin Belarus 9,835,000
8 Joep Raemaekers Netherlands PokerStars player 2,235,000

IPT7_Malta2-377_Natan Chauskin.jpg

Natan Chauskin
The final table is being streamed on PokerStars.tv on a one-hour delay but only in Italian. If that tongue suits you feel free to watch, if not, stick here with us all day as we’ll be bring you all the key hands and exits. Cards are due in the air at 1:30pm CET.

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Updates provided by Marc Convey, with photos coming from René Velli and Tomáš Stacha.


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