Isildur1 and Daniel Cates have a date

January 26, 2011


If you didn’t see this coming, you probably care more about “Dancing with the Stars” than you do online poker. PokerStars has just announced Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s next SuperStar Showdown opponent, none other than Daniel Cates.

Whether you know Cates by his PokerStars screen name “‘w00ki3z” or another name that makes him sound like he comes from a rainforest, you know Cates as one of online poker’s biggest winners of 2010 (according to some published reports, in the neighborhood of $5.5 million in winnings last year).

Now we know why Blom is smiling so big.


The match is coming up this Sunday at 5:30pm ET. Blom and Cates are scheduled to play 2,500 hands across four no-limit hold’em tables at $50/$100 stakes.

Since PokerStars launched the SuperStar Showdown, Blom has shown a minor profit. He lost around $40,000 in the first match with Isaac Haxton, but then won around $44,000 in the game against Tony G.

Since that time, Blom has stepped out of the shadows and copped to his real identity. Though it’s sure Cates already knew who Isildur1 was, this will be the first time they have faced off on PokerStars in such a public setting.

So, tune in Sunday night for all the action. Or, if you need to watch “Dancing with the Stars” on TiVo with the wife, tune in Monday morning for a full recap of the game.


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