IT’S TIME — for Bruce Buffer on PITE

June 10, 2019inPoker

Imagine being lucky enough to do what you love for a living. Now imagine that you get to fill up the rest of your time with your other great love in life. Now you know a bit about what life is like for Bruce Buffer — but that’s really just the surface.

Bruce Buffer plays at the PSPC in the Bahamas

Buffer, the veteran Voice of the Octagon, joins James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton on this week’s episode of Poker In The Ears to talk about keeping busy with MMA and poker. He’s going to be a presence at more poker tournaments in the future, including this year’s EPT Barcelona. But the interview covers far more ground than that. Buffer’s story makes for a great listen.

The full interview with Buffer begins at the 20:30 mark.

California Split

Before the Buffer interview, Stapes talks over his experience playing in the Big 50 at the WSOP (09:20). Later the boys return to their ongoing series on classic poker movies (49:40). Some people would tell you that Rounders is the greatest poker movie ever made. Though it’s definitely in the top three, those people would be wrong — discerning cinemaphiles know that the overall crown belongs to Robert Altman’s rambling 1974 classic California Split.

Given that Poker In The Ears has been running for more than 150 episodes, it’s amazing that Hartigan and Stapes have never done an in-depth look at this film. They right that wrong at the 49:40 mark. Then, to mark the occasion, Stapleton is forced to prove his knowledge of the this classic at the 1:11:40 mark against Superfan Martin Nocedal from Illinois.

That marks the end of this season of PITE. Hartigan and Stapes will now go on hiatus before returning in mid-August. So check out Episode 156 of Poker In The Ears on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Spotify. And if you want to help the boys out, make sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast.


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