Join Bill Perkins and the world’s best poker streamers on Streamboat 2

August 23, 2017

Singularity can be hard to concept to wrap your mind around. The results of singularity, by definition, are unimaginable. It’s the hypothesis that one day artificial intelligence will advance to the point where it triggers an explosion of technological growth that will change the world beyond our wildest dreams. It’s also the point inside of a black hole where all physics breaks down.

But Singularity’s also a really fun boat in the British Virgin Islands.

Hedge fund manager, poker enthusiast and life lover Bill Perkins owns a 55′ luxury motor yacht called Singularity, and he’s inviting you to join him on it. You’ll be in good company too. Jamie Staples, Jeff Gross, Kevin Martin and Matt Staples will be your crewmates and Captain Rich will navigate you through the Caribbean.


You can then hop off the Singularity to swim with sea turtles, snorkel around coral reefs and wakeboard with these poker superstars.

“To me, the Virgin Islands represents the ultimate good life,” Perkins said. “It’s lots of fun, lots of water, lots of animals, lots of life.”

If you manage to find your way back to the boat, you’ll also play a lot of poker. That’s right, the Singularity will transform into the world’s only Streamboat during this year’s WCOOP.

So how do you get to join in on the fun? Well, just be yourself and play some poker.

The five Streamboat streamers will each be holding a freeroll event from Aug. 30th to September 3rd. All players in the Perkins and Jeff Gross freerolls can then submit a video explaining why they should be picked to go on the stream boat. Matt Staples, Jamie Staples, Kevin Martin and PokerStars will choose one video from the top 12 finishers of their freerolls.

The first key to a good video, Perkins says, is to make sure you keep it under a minute. They’re sifting through a lot of videos and anything over a minute will get the Perkins axe. Second, Perkins says, show streamers who you are.

“I would say be your authentic self first,” Perkins said. “But then be witty, be funny, show your personality and how you would add and fit in to Streamboat.”

For Perkins, singularity isn’t just theoretical physics and computer science, it’s a metaphor for rapid advancement. A reminder to always strive harder to reach your dreams and always go further. Perkins has already achieved a lot with his career, and now he’s hoping to do the same with the game he loves.

Care to join him?

For more details check out the Streamboat 2 promotion page.


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