Keontjen82 on top of TPL

January 25, 2011


Keontjen82 tops the 1,163 player strong field to win $198.51 and the Twitter Poker League, for this week. As usual we had four bounty players again, “dlallstar80” @danlawson1980, “wilsonII85” @mistergwilson, “Swanny” @swanny88 and “mooninjune” @hardboiledpoker. They each had a 300FPP bounty placed upon their heads.

The bounty on “wilsonII85” was claimed by “georgine71” early on in the match, and “KAPALEXX68” bust “dlallstar80” to score 300FPP also. Don’t feel bad for “wilsonII85” though, as later in the evening he managed to make the final table of the Twitter Poker League Main Event Final. The next of our bounty players to go was “swanny” nobody can blame him for getting it all in with K♣K♥ but they didn’t manage to hold vs “repartir11” and the last of our 300FPP prizes was claimed.

The money bubble broke and bounty player “mooninjune” was still in, but with a total of 500FPP on his head he didn’t last much longer. It was nothing but action at the final table, and as a result was easily the fastest and most interesting final table this season. Here is how things looked as the final 9 players began the fight for the win.


“paco_boda” didn’t wait around, clearly going for the win – his aggressive shove with 3♥3♦ was called by 9♣9♠ and he finished in 9th for $12.56. Next to leave us was “traqna80” who made an short stacked shove but ran into K♠K♦ and came 8th for $22.67. I could hardly keep up commentating as only a few hands later we lost “alytus73” and then the very next hand a 3 way all in was the end of “Marjamma” and her A♠K♦. “brokecope” tripled up in that hand too, making a flush with K♥Q♥ had he not we might have lost three players in two hands!

Things calmed down a little afterward, and three players later we were heads up. I thought that previous chip leader “G->C4” was going to be the eventual winner when we started the final table, it was exciting to see him heads up. However a medium chip lead, confidence and very strong heads up play by “koentjen82” is what earned them the victory.

The results in full:
1. koentjen82
2. G->C4
3. brokecope
4. dagar215
5. fievrstar
6. Marjamma
7. alytus73
8. traqna80
9. paco_boda

“KozhevnikovR” still remains top of the leaderboard on 26points, with this week’s winner “koentjen82” currently in 2nd with 22points. Week 1 winner “widush” is in 3rd with 21 points right now, but it’s a tightly packed bunch after that. There are still 5 more weeks in this season of the Twitter Poker League so there is everything to play for.

This week we also awarded 150FPP for our favourite tweet of the night.
@jaydee_97: “Post-it note above screen says “STOP – should you REALLY call that all-in?” Thankfully it fell off and I’m still in at break, bubble next” #tpoker

I enjoyed that one a lot, and will be awarding the same 150FPP prize again next week so be sure to use the #tpoker hashtag when tweeting. With just a $1.10 buy-in, FPP bounties, league leaderboard prizes and a friendly community both at the tables and on twitter – there is something for everyone. Come and join in the action. Next week’s game is already open for registration, tourney ID: 349072853.


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