Knock out a Team Pro and win a $20K bounty! ($55 Big 20 Finale – Sunday 5 Dec)

December 02, 2021inPoker

Yep, you read that headline correctly.

If you’re playing the $55 buy-in, $5 million guaranteed Big 20 Finale tournament this Sunday (5 December) on PokerStars (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then listen up.

Should you find yourself on the same table as one of 10 PokerStars Team Pros, you’ll be in with a shot of winning $20,000 right there and then. That’s because PokerStars has put a massive $20,000 bounty on the following red spade players:

  • Lex Veldhuis (l. veldhuis)
  • Benjamin Spragg (Spraggy)
  • Fintan Hand (easywithaces)
  • Parker Talbot (tonkaaaa)
  • Georgina James (GJReggie)
  • Mason Pye (Pye_Face21)
  • Arlie Shaban (Prince Pablo)
  • Tom Hayward (majinboob)
  • Felix Schneiders (xflixx)
  • Ramon Colillas (RamonColillas)

That means there’s $200,000 in added value! Add that to the $5 million already guaranteed and playing this tournament becomes even more irresistible.

Bust one of them and chances are you’ll be famous too, as most will be streaming their play live on Twitch!

IMPORTANT: The $20K bounty is only available on the Red Spade’s first entry.

The $55 Big 20 Finale kicks off at 13:05 ET (18:05 WET) and there are countless satellites running for it right now. You could win your way into the 3-day event for as little as $0.55, or for free should you win a ticket from the Big 20 Ticket Machine.

There are unlimited re-entries allowed during the registration period, which closes at the beginning of Day 2.

Best of luck!


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