KozhevnikovR takes down latest Twitter Poker League match

January 19, 2011


KozhevnikovR bested 1,148 players in order to claim his victory this week, along with $195.90. The second week of this season of the Twitter Poker League was just as action-packed as usual. We had four bounty players this week; “martonio” (@martinkendell), “Naijapokerer” (@apokerlypse), “ravensfutbal” (@ravensfutbal) and twoplustwo regular and Bluff Magazine online writer “Kevmath” @kevmath. Each of them had a 300FPP bounty on their heads, and 500FPP for whomever lasted the longest out of the four.

It wasn’t long before we lost our first player, “ravensfulbal” left the game in 721st place after his A♥Q♥ couldn’t improve versus the J♣J♠ of “sorinel29042”. 300 FPP was awarded and just a few hands later we lost our second bounty player “Martonio”: @martinkendell: “Congrats to murmur666 collecting my bounty in #tpoker today…ace on the turn was my downfall to my pocket queens…”

It was a while longer before either of our remaining bounty players were at risk, but as the stacks got shorter and the blinds higher “Kevmath” made his move with A♠8♥ but lost to Q♦9♦ and so the last 300FPP bounty was awarded to “Scoobyj2010”. With a 500FPP bounty on his head, “naijapokerer” didn’t last long as the final bounty player. “MR IGMIT” took his A♥6♥ out with Q♣10♠ on a 2♣K♦Q♠2♥3♥board.

After all the bounty action was over we reached the second break with 185 players remaining and “Volkov_st” was the chip leader with 43K. 171 players were paid in this week’s game and also gained a minimum of 5 points on the leaderboard. The race was then on for the final table and all the extra leaderboard points available there. “Leon-fist” bust in 10th and our finalists and chip counts going into the final table were:

“KozhevnikovR” 609,582
“boourne” 273,436
“All In Adrie” 236,043
“Mostanesa123” 198,240
“TapettGeante” 85,719
“14kwat10” 85,068
“SSS_FT_007” 83,614
“Volkov_St” 82,954
“TeunVr” 67,344

By the time we were down to four players “TeunVr” had the entire table covered with over 1million in chips, “KozhevnikovR” was second, and “All In Adrie” third and “14kwat10” was down to a mere 3 big blinds. The blinds went up and “14kwat10” was forced all-in in the big blind with 7♣2♦ which is never an ideal situation and finished in a respectable 4th place for $78.06. Three handed play lasted for quite some time before “TeunVR” finished 3rd place and we were heads up.


“All In Adrie” had an enormous chip lead going into the heads up match but that didn’t put any pressure on “KozhevnikovR”, even though he only had half the chips he started the final table with! “KozhevnikovR” was relentlessly aggressive, and while “All In Adrie” lived up to her name it was no good when her 5♣5♥ ran into 8♦8♠. With the 8♣ falling on the turn it was all over, and this week’s winner was crowned.

“KozhevnikovR” has climbed to the top of the twitter poker league leaderboard with that win with 25points in total. “widush” and “All in Adrie” are 2nd and 3rd with 21 and 19 points respectively. There are six more weeks left in this season, so there is still so much to play for. The tourney ID for next week’s game is 349072852 and registration is already open. With just a $1.10 buy-in, FPP bounties, league leaderboard prizes and a friendly community – both at the tables and on Twitter – there is something for everyone. Come and join in the action.


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