LAPT Uruguay Grand Final Day 4: Gill climbing the summit

November 24, 2013

“And then there were three.”

The constant stream of narration from Carter Gill keeps everyone abreast of where, exactly, we stand at this final table. As if the bloggers, photographers, tournament staff, and giant-screen television were not enough.

The spectators’ angle

Three-handed play has relaxed the breakneck pace, but how could it not?

Ariel Mantel is playing for the win, with a million chip stack he’s moving in preflop often, keeping up with the blinds. He has yet to receive action though, so remains in third position.

Meanwhile Carter Gill is chopping away at Ivan Raich’s two million chip stack. Every time Raich opens the pot on the button, Gill calls in the big blind.

“Don’t go all in!” Gill’s girlfriend implored from the rail. With over two-thirds of the chips in play, that would be quite difficult.

“Relax!” he laughed in response.

A recent postflop confrontation between Raich and Gill had the latter talking to himself, though.

Raich had opened the button, Gill called in the big blind, and both checked through K♠ 10♠ 10♣. Gill bet 100,000 on the Q♣ turn and Raich called.

The river was the J♠, completing just about everything. Gill checked and Raich bet big, 315,000.

“How much do you have?” Gill asked his foe.

About two million back was the response. The American measured it out, towering stacks of white 25,000 chips.

Carter Gill can do no wrong today

Then, he folded.

“I had ten-six,” Gill said soon after.

“If I raise river you have to fold right?”

Silence from Raich.

“You had an ace right?”

“I think you have to fold a straight or a flush if I shove.”

Sometime later

“God, should have raised you there.”

Gill now has 7,500,000 chips. Turning down the spot seemed to have worked out, but it would have been a spectacular bluff with the nut-bluffing card in hand.

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