LAPT Uruguay Grand Final Day 4: Goodbye Juan Perez Solari

November 24, 2013

The next elimination from the LAPT Grand Final was a straightforward cooler. Under the gun the short stacked Juan Perez Solari moved all-in for around half a million chips, good for ten big blinds.

Andre Korn could not fold in the big blind with 10♦ 10♣. It looked like a short-stack might actually recover into a comfortable chip position.

Juan Perez Solari will have to be content with moving up a few spots

The 10♥ 7♦ 4♦ flop had no interest in bucking the trend. The 7♠ turn uninvited backdoor diamonds and left Solari in need of one of the two remaining queens in the deck.

The 6♣ hit the river and Solari had done well to ladder up, but he now had to take his leave from this final table.

He was awarded $59,840 for fifth place.

Gill is now pining for a deal that would award him more than first place money. He is well within his rights to negotiate for it, his chip lead is overwhelming and the pay differential fourth to third to second considerable.

What used to be a crowd not an hour ago!

What devastation!

The players have not been in action for two hours yet we have lost half of our final table. There will be a brief 15-minute break soon before Level 27. That blind increase is not much 30,000-60,000. But the ante jump is massive, from 5,000 to 10,000. The one third ratio with the small blind will favour Gill’s chip situation and aggression.

Meanwhile the longer the remaining three players go without a deal, the more the pressure their presence exerts on one another, threatening a miserable heat death.

Heading into break the chip stacks break down (approximately) as follows:

Carter Gill: ~ 5,500,000
Ariel Mantel: ~1,750,000
Ivan Raich: ~1,300,000
Andres Korn: ~1,400,000

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