LAPT Uruguay Grand Final Day 4: Ivan Raich KOs Andre Korn

November 24, 2013

It looked like we might see our first family pot, but Andre Korn had other ideas.

Ariel Mantel opened the pot to 120,000 under the gun and was quickly flat called by Carter Gill. In the small blind Ivan Raich called after a little stack counting. Then Korn moved all-in for nearly exactly one million chips.

The less than twenty big blind squeeze put one on Mantel’s powers of concentration. He took a long time to fold, his hand to his head. Gill mucked instantly.

Then Raich waited and waited. A second and third countdown of his stack was in order. This was an unusual sight as he should, of any player, have the weakest range. Was he going to call with a baby pair? A small suited ace? King queen?

Can I possibly fold pocket eights?

It look Raich a long time to make what should have been a snap-call with 8♥ 8♦.

Andre Korn was not light, however, he had a monster, A♠ K♠.

Q♣ 3♣ 2♠ were the first cards out, backdoor city for Korn but no immediate help.

For a change the dealer felted the 7♥ in a reasonable length of time. Korn was down to just an ace or a king to survive.

The 4♥ meant he would be returning to Buenos Aires with $79,100, fourth place money.

Argentinians Korn and Raich, parting ways

It only took fifteen minutes of play for us to lose another.

Korn exchanged cheek-kisses with his rail and maintained a happy, gracious demeanor. That’s been a pleasing trend here among final tablists, everyone’s spirits remain high.

All of our eliminations so far have come preflop. It is not that players have not been seeing flops, but the postflop play has been quite passive, particularly on the later streets. Gill is getting to flops with wide, weak ranges, and fancies his chances playing small ball in position. His opponents are reluctant to put money in aggressively against him. That may all change now that we are three-handed.

It appears the man holding up any chances of a deal is Mantel. Putting our ear to the ground we found that he is independently wealthy and has a large stable of ten or so horses for South America’s live poker scene.

That doesn’t concern Gill too much, he probed to see if he could haggle for more than first place money, but before he knew it his competitors vanished. He still has plenty of momentum to scoop this, straight up.

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