LAPT Viña del Mar: Horno leads the final 32

March 23, 2012


What once occupied two days and two separate conference rooms now fits snuggly in four, green-felted LAPT tables.

Day 1A and 1B produced a total of 672 players, but only 190 would survive to make it to Day 2.

Now, only 32 remain.

Leading the final 32 is Daniela Horno with 767,000.

Horno started the day well above average in chips, but it wasn’t an easy road to the top. Horno would see the size of her stack shrink and grow throughout the course of the day. But in the final levels of play, she seemed unbeatable.

She knocked out one player when her pocket eights held up against pocket fours. Horno then had a near double up when she moved all in with aces and got called by king-queen.

Her aces held up and she crossed the 300,000 mark. Horno then continued to chip up by “being patient and playing well.”

Horno is very familiar with the Viña stop on the LAPT. Last season she managed to finish in sixth, and now she hopes to make it even further.


Chips make Daniela happy, so do transformers

“I’ve been thinking about this tournament all year,” Horno said. “I really like the structure of the LAPTs and it’s close to home.”

Horno lives here in Chile where she’s also a graphic designer. Poker is a hobby that she’s had for about the last 10 years, but it’s one that’s recently turned very lucrative.

Horno now plans to go back to rest before having to return for another day of poker. But while she needs her rest, this final table veteran feels good about tomorrow.

“I got moved around a lot today so I played with everyone,” Horno said. “I feel good about the competition but there’s one Argentinian who makes me a bit nervous.

“I’m confident though, but not too confident, it’s a relaxed confidence,” she added.

Horno was also responsible for knocking out the last player of the day, our FPP package purchaser, Ryan “Mocha Choca89” O’Donnell.

O’Donnell lost a large portion of his stack when his ace-eight was outkicked by ace-king.

Then, Horno would finish him off.

Horno and O’Donnell were all in pre flop and O’Donnell showed ace-queen against Horno’s ace-king.

A queen on the flop put O’Donnell in the lead, but a king on the river would give the lead right back to Horno.

The crowd cheered and the day ended with O’Donnell finishing in 33rd.

Our start-of-day chip leader, João Lopes would survive the day, but he finds himself short with only 147,000.


Javier Venegas is third in chips with 594,000

Yacin Vasquez will start Day 3 as our number two with 600,000. He’ll be followed by Javier Venegas with 594,000.

Aliro Diaz comes in at fourth with 531,000 and Rene Manzano finishes the top five chip counts with 478,000.

Play will start up again at noon tomorrow and we won’t stop until we hit a final table. Most players will be looking to make it there for the first time, but our chip leader will be hunting for even more.

She wants to win.

While the day was shorter than we expected, a lot happened. We started off by solving some mysteries, saw the rise and fall of some LAPT regulars, found out how to help some children, burst a bubble and had some beach-side dinner.

We’ll see you tomorrow.


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