LAPT Viña del Mar: Return business

March 23, 2012


There’s lots of return business at the LAPT.

Three of the top ten Player of the Year players managed to make it to Day 2.

Leandro Csome and Miguel Alvarez de Lugo, who finished 3rd and 5th respectively, were eliminated early on today. But the reigning champ, Pablo Gonzalez, managed to hang on a bit longer.


Pablo Gonzalez is a colorful character

Gonzalez started out the day below average with 32,500, and was chipped down even further throughout the first three levels. When Gonzalez was left with just under 10,000, he got a much-needed double up when his ace-ten held up against king-eight.

Gonzalez managed to grind his stack back up to about 30,000, but with 1,500/3,000 blinds and a 400 ante, he was going to need to make a move.

He decided to make that move with a pair of fives but ran into aces. The flop was deceiving in brutal; it gave Gonzalez another five, but there was also an ace.

Gonzalez wouldn’t make any Player of the Year points this tournament, but there’s still a few side events to go as well as the high roller on Sunday.

A few members from last year’s final table have also made a return visit to Viña.

Christian Urzua, Luis Yepez and Daniela Horno, are back and hoping to make another visit to the final table, but Horno is the only with a shot.

That’s because she’s the only one that still has chips.


Daniel Horno, looking for another final table finish

Horno is currently sitting with 145,000 and now has a good shot at making the money.

And we all know that’s the second step to making the final table.

The first is signing up.

Steps to make a final table

Step 1) Sign up for tournament.
Step 2) Cash
Step 3) Make final table
Step 4) ???
Step 5) Profit

All the players are about to enter step 3 of final table making.

We’re off to go watch a bubble burst.


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