LAPT Viña del Mar: The bubble has burst

March 23, 2012


We’re making money.

The bubble was easy to burst, made weak by large blinds and aggressive play.

In about three hands of hand-for-hand play, we got our bubble boy.

The unlucky 105th place finisher for LAPT Viña del Mar was Claudio Scandura.

Scandura and Rene Manzano were facing a 10♦5♥6♠ flop and Scandura led out. Manzano — who had our bubble boy covered — moved all in and Scandura made the call.

Manzano showed J♥10♥, out kicking Scandura’s 9♣10♠. There was no help on the turn and the river didn’t change anything either.


The Viña bubble boy, Claudio Scandura

Scandura would be the last player to be eliminated without seeing a return on his $1,100 investment.

It’s also interesting to note that the floor’s prediction was eerily accurate. Yesterday, they predicted the bubble would burst in level four or five, it bursted with just five minutes remaining in level four.

No Team PokerStars Pros will add a cash to their resume this tournament, but 104 other players will.

Daniela Horno will be one of them, Chile seems to be her spot, as she final tabled here last year.

Our FPP package purchaser, Ryan “Moca Choca89” O’Donnell, will also see his FPPs turn into cold hard cash. He’s currently at about average stack.

But a few new chip leaders are starting to emerge, Hector Marambio has about 300,000 and Marcel Bustamante seems to be in the lead with about 360,000.

We still have another five levels of play scheduled, but there’s a chance play might stop if we lose too many players.

In the meantime, check out our midday video, it has Brent Sheirbon in it. He’s what we refer to in the industry as a “cool guy.”


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