LAPT5 Colombia: Ospina on top again

August 11, 2012

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lapt-promo.gifWhen we started Day 2 of the 2012 Latin American Poker Tour Colombia Main Event, Ruben Ospina was the chip leader with 171,300. And when we ended Day 2, Ospina was still the chip leader. He quietly chipped up throughout the day and used a fortuitous elimination of George Griffith to bag up 744,000 chips by the end of the day.


Ospina shows off his stack

The day started off slowly for many of the returning players. A PokerStars-sponsored player party ran late into the night. Players weren’t exactly in top form when “Shuffle up and deal!” was called promptly at noon. Yet the soldiered on, and soon enough we had what resembled a proper Day 2 field spread in front of us.

A proper Day 2, of course, includes its share of bad beats. Otavio Mesquita put one of those bad beats on two players early in the day, and another later on. Unfortunately for Mesquita, his luck didn’t hold and he was eliminated before the money bubble burst.


Otavio Mesquita

The same was true for two-thirds of the PokerStars-sponsored players who made Day 2. Jose Barbero busted early and was soon followed by Andre Akkari. Team Online player Jorge Limon was vaporized in the middle of the day, and Team Online player Freddy Torres repeated his performance of one year ago at LAPT4 Colombia by grabbing the Day 1a chip lead and then busting just short of the money on Day 2.

As the field continued to consolidate, we never seemed to hit the “rubber band point” that we expected to hit. Average stack size kept dwindling, even as Team Pro Angel Guillen’s absolute stack size stayed the same. That was one of many little nuggets we noticed as the money bubble approached.

Once the players were comfortably in the money, play did pick up a bit. Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes flirted with the chip lead before being overtaken by Ruben Ospina. Ospina took on all challengers for that lead, including the dangerous Nico Fierro, and successfully held his ground as chip leader when play was halted at the end of Level 18 with 25 players remaining.


Brenes couldn’t grab the chip lead

The goal was to play down to 24 players today. We didn’t quite make it. So those 25 players will return tomorrow at noon local time (GMT-5) to 5,000-10,000 blinds and an average stack of 266,000 (26.6 big blinds). They’ll be spread across four tables but will collapse to three as soon as the first player is eliminated.

Ospina, with his 744,000 chips, will have an edge on the field. He’ll be followed by Herman Villa (703,000) and Jhon Ferney Dulcey Diaz (512,000). And don’t forget the ever-circling shark, Brenes, who brings 385,000 into Day 3.


Herman Villa is in 2nd place

Tomorrow’s Day 3 is likely to be the “short day” of this tournament. The current projection is for a six-hour day, leaving everybody plenty of time to enjoy Medellin at night.


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